Texas Government. Chapter 2: the Texas Legislature, the Texas Constitution of 1845

The Texas Constitution is
a textbook example of what a constitution should not be.
The current Texas Constitution was drafted
after the termination of Reconstruction policies.
Constitutions should provide a basic framework for government and leave the details to be defined
in statutory law.
The Texas Constitution formally acknowledges the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution because
it was required of the Confederate states for readmission to the Union.
Question 5.
The Texas Constitution of 1836 created a legislature with two chambers. This is an example of a(n) ________ legislature.
During the 1820s and 1830s, Mexico’s efforts to enforce its laws within Texas produced conflicts, which were exacerbated by what activity?
increased immigration into Texas from the United States
________ was a major issue in the U.S. presidential campaign of 1844, and it was accelerated because of James K. Polk’s election to the White House because he campaigned for it.
Texas annexation
When eleven states seceded from the Union beginning in 1860, they formed a(n)
In 1866, ________ established military governments throughout the South and required a Texas Constitution that would grant African Americans the right to vote.
the Reconstruction Acts
Which Texas governor’s highly unpopular policies contributed to the decisions of the Constitutional Convention of 1875 to limit and fragment the powers of the governor?
Edmund J. Davis
The Constitution of 1876 attempted to restore economic stability to the state and give government control to the people. All of the following statements about the delegates to this convention are true except
the most common occupation was merchant.
The text describes the Texas Constitution of 1876 as a _________, formed by free men, in which “all political power is inherent in the people…”
social contract
_________ refers to the division of authority among three distinct branches of government-the legislative, the executive, and the judicial- which serve as checks and balances on one another’s power.
Separation of powers
Jason is a justice of the peace. As such, he was
A member of a commission that sets policy for executive agencies not headed by elected officials was appointed by the previous governor. Which of the following statements is not true?
The new governor can fire the member and replace him or her with a new appointee.
In 1972, Texas voters approved a constitutional amendment to
lengthen the terms of the governor and other executive officeholders from two to four years.
The Texas Constitution does all of the following except
mandates a set increase in taxes biannually.
Compared to the U.S. Constitution, which has 7,000 words, the Texas Constitution has ________ words.
Which state has had the most constitutional amendments?
If a citizen wanted a proposed constitutional amendment to be put on the ballot, it would require
approval by two-thirds of the House and the Senate.
Besides amendments, what other method of revising the constitution exists?
When Maria applied for her job as a domestic worker, she was told she had to join a union to get the job. This violates the ________ law.
What happened when the the legislature tried to resurrect the constitutional revision effort during its regular session in 1975?
Voters rejected all eight propositions.
All of the following constitutional reforms were made via voter approved amendments between 1975 and 2012 except
legalization of same-sex marriage.
What was Proposition 12?
medical malpractice limits
Which of the following is true the Texas Constitution?
It is an unwieldy and restrictive document.
The current Texas Constitution was written
at the close of Reconstruction.
It can be said that constitutions
reflect the events of the period in which they were written.
Unlike statutory law, constitutional law
provides a basic framework for government.
Question 5.
Why is limited government a major guiding principle of the current Texas Constitution?
The 1876 Constitution was adopted following the Radical Reconstruction era.
The Texas Supreme Court has jurisdiction over
civil matters.
In what way does the Texas legislative branch diverge from the intentions of the constitution’s framers?
Members are easily influenced by special interest groups.
In what year did Texas voters approve an amendment to lengthen the term of the governor?
Which of the following helped perpetuate a one-party system in Texas?
restrictive voting measures
________ has had more constitutional amendments than any other state.
The Texas Constitution reflects a legacy of
a conservative political culture.
Recent legal decisions indicate that Texas courts
have become more active in interpreting the constitution in cases involving major state policies.
Unlike voters in many other states, Texas citizens
cannot submit amendments for approval and initiate elections.
What can be said about efforts to reform the Texas Constitution?
Many special interests benefit from the current constitution and oppose reform.
Unlike the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Constitution
provides a plural executive base.
Which constitution was recopied almost whole into the Constitution of 1876?
the Constitution of 1845
How did the Constitution of the Republic of Texas differ from the present Texas Constitution?
It was not cluttered with detail.
Which Texas constitution was the first to prohibit slavery formally?
the Constitution of 1866
How did the Civil War Constitution differ from the Constitution of 1845?
It gave greater protection to slavery
What can be said about the delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1875?
Many of the delegates represented agricultural interests.
________ of the Texas Constitution details the powers and restrictions imposed on the legislature.
Article 3
The Texas legislature meets
in regular sessions in odd-numbered years and special sessions called by the governor.
What was the outcome of the Constitutional Convention of 1974, and why?
It failed because special interest groups dominated.
Elections on constitutional amendments draw voters to the polls
in smaller numbers than any other type of election.
How have court interpretations of the constitution affected the rapid settlement of public disputes?
Court rulings have prompted further amendments and court cases as various sides fight it out.
Texas has had ________ constitutions.
In what year did Texas adopt its first constitution?
The Constitution of 1845
allowed Texas to become a state in the United States of America.
In what year did Texas legislators place a record seventeen constitutional amendments on the ballot?
In what year did the Texas Supreme Court rule in favor of farmers who had challenged governmental restrictions on how much water they could pump?
The Society of the Patrons of Husbandry, or the Grange, influenced
the Constitution of 1876.
In what year did an amendment to the U.S. Constitution and a U.S. Supreme Court decision outlaw poll taxes?
Question 9.
Which of the following would not be an ideal function of a constitution, according to scholars?
provide detailed and restrictive laws
Unlike constitutional law, statutory law
does not require voter approval.
What was the overriding interest governing the drafting of the first Constitution of the Republic of Texas?
the preservation of the fledgling nation
When Texas constitutional framers drafted the Constitution of 1876, their primary goal was
to restore economic stability and governmental control to the people.
Unlike the U.S. Constitution, the Texas Constitution
provides specific details about the power of government agencies.
Which of the following would not affect the process of adding an amendment to the Texas Constitution?
A statewide referendum system in Texas.
Which feature of the Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas continues to contribute to the Texas constitutional tradition?
community property laws
In what fundamental way did the Constitution of the Republic of Texas differ from the Constitution of Coahuila y Tejas?
It drew heavily from the U.S. Constitution.
Which of the following best describes the requirements of the Texas Constitution amendment process?
House and Senate approval puts amendments on the ballot, and adoption requires a majority vote.
It can be said that Texans are historically
suspicious of government.
How is the current Texas Constitution different from what the original framers had in mind?
It allows the needs of special interests to prevail over the interests of the majority
The defeat of the right-to-work amendment reflects the dominance of which group?
Pro-business Lobby
The constitutions of former Confederate states, including Texas, are the only state constitutions that
formally acknowledge the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution.
Many recent changes to the Constitution of Texas have
reflected a pro-industry and economic development push.
Unlike in the past, recent legal decisions indicate that Texas courts
have become more active in interpreting the constitution in cases involving major state policies.
Which of the following is a factor that has made it difficult for Texas governors to set policy?
Policy board members serve staggered six-year terms.
Which special interest had the most influence on the writing of the Constitution of 1876?

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