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Electrical Engineering Imaging Laser Printer Plug And Play Rows And Columns Software Wireless Access Point
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Imaging Jobs
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A+ Chapter 11 Test Answers 63 terms
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Heart Imaging Media Medical Terminology The Knee
Medical Terminology 10 32 terms
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A client is in the radiology department at 0900 when the prescription levofloxacin (Levaquin) 500 mg IV q24h is scheduled to be administered. The client returns to the unit at 1300. What is the best intervention for the nurse to implement?
Give the missed dose at 1300 and change the schedule to administer daily at 1300.
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Of the following which is/are sections of the CPT manual? A. Medicine B. Pathology and Laboratory C. Radiology D. All of the above
D. all of the above
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I see you’ve had a lot of therapeutic experience with cardiac pacemakers, so when you were monitoring that trial, did you interface a lot with the radiology suite and staff?
Yes. I also have experience with radiation therapy. One of the studies I was on used radiation therapy. They used high-energy radiation to shrink the tumors and hopefully kill the cancer cells.
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What activity should Jeff perform first upon awakening? a. Eat a nutritionally dense, early morning snack sent from the food services department b. Obtain the first of 3 sputum specimens for lab testing c. Take a shower and get ready to go to radiology for a chest x-ray d. Weigh to determine if weight loss from the disease is continuing
Obtain the first of 3 sputum specimens for lab testing
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The CPT manual divides the Radiology section into subsections of Radiologic Guidance, Breast Mammography, Bone/joint studies, Diagnostice Radiology
Diagnostic Ultrasound, Radiation Oncology
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yes, this would work for scheduling follow-up appointments, following directions to get to the lab or radiology departments, understanding health insurance information
Could teach back work in non-clinical settings?
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Visit to radiology department for barium swallow; abdominal pain; barium swallow performed and the findings are negative.
Answer for blank # 1: 87.61 Answer for blank # 2: 789.00
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What is the most likely potential hazard working with diagnostic radiology?
Carcinogenesis – Stochastic/Non-Threshold Effect
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