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Donna Chou
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MAR 4403 Midterm 107 terms
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Business Management Natural Resources Problems And Solutions
APWH- Document Based Question Essay Rubric & 6 Steps to a Sweet DBQ 17 terms
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Fast Food Restaurants Population Geography Problems And Solutions Public Health
Accuplacer Practice! Sentence Skills, Reading Comp., ESL Reading Skills 52 terms
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Which of the following statements are true regarding the differences between a social relationship and a therapeutic relationship? (select all that apply): A In a social relationship, both parties’ needs are met; in a therapeutic relationship only the patient’s needs are to be considered. C Giving advice is done in social relationships; in therapeutic relationships giving advice is not usually therapeutic. D In a social relationship, both parties come up with solutions to problems and solutions may be implemented by both (a friend may lend the other money, etc.); in a therapeutic relationship solutions are discussed but are only implemented by the patient.
A, C, D The other options describe the opposite meanings of social and therapeutic relationships.
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