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A nurse is obtaining informed consent from a client prior to surgery. Which of the following is necessary for informed consent to be valid? (Select all that apply.)
– disclosure of the treatment is provided – client understands the surgical procedure – voluntary consent is given
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the healthcare provider asks the nurse to assist in obtaining informed consent for a procedure from the client. which action does the nurse take to obtained informed consent from the client who is declared mentally incompetent?
contact the clients legal guardian or health care surrogate
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4. As the nurse is obtaining informed consent for Billy’s cardiac catheterization, Aaron says, “I am still not exactly sure why the doctor has to do the test.” Which action should the nurse implement?
Notify the cardiologist and do not allow Aaron to sign the permit
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a client is brought to the hospital unconscious and needs emergency surgery the clients only family member cannot come to the hospital before the surgery which is the best option for obtaining informed consent for the clients emergency surgery
contact the family member by phone and obtain verbal consent with 2 witnesses
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An example of a behavior by a researcher that would be considered unethical is: A. halting the study if harm is suspected. B. changing the data to support the hypothesis. C. obtaining informed consent. D. maintaining confidentiality.
B. changing the data to support the hypothesis.
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When obtaining informed consent for sterilization from a developmentally challenged adult client, the nurse must be sure that the: 1. Parent or guardian signs the consent 2. Client is able to explain what the procedure entails 3. Client is able to comprehend the outcome of the procedure 4. Parent or guardian has encouraged the client to make the decision
3 The client must be intellectually competent;that is, able to comprehend the outcome of the procedure to give informed consent. 1 This avenue may be pursued after the client is deemed unable to provide informed consent. The parent or guardian must be designated by the court to perform this function. 2 This may be unrealistic for this client; it is more important for the client to demonstrate that the outcome of the procedure is understood. 4 The client should be free from the influence of others who might press to have the procedure performed. This is an individual decision by a client who is capable of making this decision.
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the medical staff at Regency health is nationally revowned for its skill in performing cardac procedures. The nursing staff in the cardiac unit has noticed a signifcant lack of informed consents prior to performance procedures. Obtaining informed consent is the responsiblity of the
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