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Lisa Currey
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Brenda Gannon
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Chapter 2. Ethics and Public Speaking 25 terms
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Gabriela Compton
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Unit 4 quiz for management 370 – Flashcards 40 terms
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During his Internet research, Charles found three articles that eloquently made the points he wanted to make in his speech about gay marriage and the Bible. Charles used portions of each article to make an effective, persuasive appeal that he presented as his own in a classroom speech. Should Charles be concerned about using the work of others without citing the source? A. no, because Charles is referring to the Bible B. no, because Internet sources often borrow from one another C. yes, because plagiarism affects his credibility and reliability as a speaker and person D. no, because most information from the Internet is not subject to copyright E. yes, because Charles was discussing a controversial topic F. no, because using unattributed information from others in a classroom speech is not illegal
C. yes, because plagiarism affects his credibility and reliability as a speaker and person
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