Wellness Final

Stress vulnerability is
the likelihood one will become stressed based off of health, social support, self-worth and nuturance
How would you best describe the practice of yoga?
A school of thought in the hindu religion that seeks to help the individual attain a higher level of spirituality and peace of mind
For successful weight loss, aerobic exercise should be performed ____ days of the week.
The average life expectancy for a chronic smoker is ____ years less than for a nonsmoker.
In the United States, about ____ motor vehicle accidents are associated with the use of cell phones each year.
1.6 million
Tolerable weight is
A realistic body weight that is close to the health and fitness percent body fat standard
A(n) ___ formed when malignant cells migrate away from the original tumor and form a tumor elsewhere.
Tobacco use is responsible for an estimated ____ percent of lung cancer.
Suggestions to release anger include ____.
Don’t try to suppress it, Decide if the reason is worth the anger, Stop before you act, Count to 10, Use calm tact to express why you are angry, Be generous, Forgive
. Most people need ____ minutes of exercise per day for weight management.
___ is sometimes referred to as “meditation in motion,”
Tai Chi
Being laid-back and easygoing are descriptors of Type ____ individuals.
Compared to low-intensity exercise, high-intensity exercise ____.
raises the metabolic rate more after exercise
What behaviors best reflect Type A personalities?
Hard-driving, overly ambitious, aggressive, at times hostile, and overly competitive.
Progressive muscle relaxation should be done ____.
20 minutes twice daily
Of all deaths in the U.S., ____ percent are caused by cardiovascular disease and cancer, and ____ percent could be prevented by following a healthy lifestyle
53% / 80%
In the United States, ____ percent of adults ages 20 and over are obese.
Each gram of fat contains ____ calories, while a gram of protein or carbohydrate contains ___ calories.
9 / 4
What percent of all dieters lose weight and also keep the weight off for a significant amount of time?
Blood cholesterol can be raised by ___.
saturated fats & trans fats
An added pound of muscle raises BMR as much as ____ calories each day.
The focus with breathing exercises is to ___.
breathe away the tension
The most widely used illegal drug in the United States is ____.
Obesity is the _____ cause of preventable death in the United States.
second leading
Cancer causes about _____ percent of deaths in the United States.
If weight management is not a consideration, ____ minutes of daily activity provides health benefits.
. Theoretically, weight is lost when there is a ____.
negative caloric balance
Recent studies have found that sleep deprivation ____.
raises gherkin level, decreases leptin levels, appears to be conductive to weight gain, may interfere with the body’s capability to lose weight
In the United States, about ____ people have hypertension.
70 million (29%)
An increased risk for CHD has been established in people with low levels of ____.
HDL cholesterol
The suggested lower limits of daily caloric consumption are ____ for men and ____ for women.
1,500 / 1,200
To prevent weight gain, ___ minutes of daily activity is recommended; to maintain substantial weight loss, ___ minutes may be required.
60 / 60-90
About ____ percent of college students report chronic sleep problems.
As a stress management technique, exercise increases
Healthy and successful people most often attribute success to ____.
smart work

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