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QUESTION NO: 3 When comparing and contrasting the similarities and differences between bridges and switches, which of the following are valid statements? (Choose two) A. Bridges and switches learn MAC addresses by examining the source MAC address of each frame received. B. A switch is a multiport bridge C. Bridges and switches increase the size of a collision domain. D. Bridges are faster than switches because they have fewer ports.
Answer: A,B Explanation: Bridge is a Layer2 device, which is designed to create two or more LAN segments. Each segment is an independent collision domain. Bridge is also created to provide more available bandwidth, Its purpose is to filter the LAN traffic, making local traffic be in the local area, and those directed to other parts of the LAN (sub) be forwarded there. Each NIC on each device has a unique MAC address. Bridge will record the MAC address of each port and then make forwarding decisions based on this MAC address table. Switch is a device of the data link layer, it combines multiple physical LAN segments into a large network.. Similar to bridge, the switch will transfer and flood the communication frames based on the MAC address. Because the switching process is performed in hardware, the switching speed of the switch is faster than that of a bridge performed by software. Regarding each switching port as a mini-bridge, then each switching port will work as an independent bridge to provide full medium??s bandwidth to each host. The number of ports of bridges and switches are the same as that of collision domains. All ports are in the same broadcast domain. Both bridges and switches build the bridge table by listening to incoming frames and examining the source MAC address in the frame. Switches are multiport bridges that allow you to create multiple broadcast domains. Each broadcast domain is like a distinct virtual bridge within a switch. Incorrect Answers: D: Switches are generally faster than bridges. Bridges also do not necessarily have fewer ports than switches.
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