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Technology helps people in a great way, but sometimes people use it as a weapon against nature. Technology influences everything and everyone. It influences our lives, our beliefs, our health and our morals. Because of the great power technology has, people should use it wisely. “Nature provides free lunch, but only if we control our appetites.” says William Ruckelshaus, the first head of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Our century has brought in many gadgets and items to make our lives easier. Internet gives us the opportunity to get any type of information we need, through World Wide Web. Via internet we can buy anything, from chocolate to trucks. People use the internet to get educated, shop, even to promote their business with a few clicks. High speed computers give us the opportunity to talk to people through camera and microphone instead of using the telephone. Laptops release us from our homes and we can explore the web from anywhere. Cable TV, DVDs, rewriteable CDs and digital cameras are some of the latest gadgets. Technology made us think how we could live without cell phones and computers. Technology also helped people in medicine. It is amazing.

Unfortunately, not all people use technology in a correct way, they overuse and misuse it. Deforestation and global warming are some of the negative effects technology has on earth. The ecological cycle has been disturbed by the developments we achieved. People no longer respect nature and this harms the environment. Technology produced cranes, guns, nuclear weapons and other dangerous things that we use to urbanize forests. A tree produces 60 kilograms of paper, but the world uses hundreds of tones of paper every year which means that thousands of trees were cut. The environment is no more attractive. We cannot find places to enjoy nature without paying to enter. Today, people go to shopping malls and buy clothes and shoes made of animal skin, instead of going to parks to relax.

This issue is closely connected with the 5th dilemma of Giddens which is Ecological Issues. Nature is no longer nature but a bad development. We have a serious reason to be worried. We are an “at risk” society as Furedi would say. We are at risk of losing nature along with our lives.

But it is not clear who to blame for the damage caused in nature. Technology in the right hands can affect everyone and everything positively. In the hands of a careless student or a terrorist, technology will destroy the environment. People’s choices determine whether or not technology harms technology.

Recent technology has made improvements to reduce damage to the environment. For example, the use of hybrid technology in vehicles like cars has greatly reduced pollution as it reduces the amount of exhaust fumes. Moreover, there are technological improvements in the generation of power that has minimal damage to the environment. For example, solar power is used to heat water. There are modern technologies that are aimed to minimize damage to the ecology, but people must develop them.

All levels of society should work together to heal nature. Darryl Cherney, an environmental activist says “I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an Earth warrior.” So, everyone should unite and become Earth warriors because it takes two hands success.

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