Tech in Surgery NCCT Practice Test

Cancer that has spread from one place to another within the body is called______.

A wasting or decrease in size of an organ or tissue is _____.

The suffix meaning the creation of a new opening for drainage is ______.

Organs of the circulatory system include _____.
Heart, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nodes

The tricusoid valve is located between the _____.
Right atrium and the right ventricle

Normal respirations occur approximately 12-20 times per_____.

The process by which white blood cells engulf bacteria is called _____.

An infection acquired in the hospital is called _____.

A phatogen is a(an) _____.
Disease-causing microorganism

A drug that prolongs blood clotting time is called _____.

A life-threatening, acute allergic reaction in which cells release histamine-like subsances is called _____.

A medication used to restore blood pressure in acute hypotensive states is _____.

A patient grounding pad is placed on a (an) ____.
Fleshy area of skin

If a needle is broken, it must be ____.
Accounted for in its entirety

All but one of the following precautions should be followed when working with disinfectants except
An unlabeled bottle or container may be used if you recognize the fluid

Which endoscope is used for visualization of the urinary bladder?

Which position is better to avoid fatigue during long periods in the O.R.?
A wide stance

Jewelery and prosthectic devices are _____ removed from the patient.

All of the following are intraoperative routines for the O.R. tech with the exception of _____.
Carry on a conversation with the circulator

Partial excision of the kidney is called _____

Of the following statements, which is false concerning draping procedures?
Drapes should be fanned or shaken to insure the are completely open.

An excission of a small piece of lung tissue for mocroscopic examination that is usually used to determine a diagnosis in pulmonary disease is called _____.
Lung biospy

A cement-like substance that is frequently used to augment arthroplasty components to bone is called _____.
Methyl methacrylate

The _____ is primarily responsible for positioning the patient.

Surgical care preformed without overnight hospitalization is _____.
Ambulatory surgery

Which of the following describes a catagory 2 wound?
Entry into alimentary canal respritory system or GU system encountered

All of the folloeing are factors that affect the steam sterilization process except _____.
Type of sterilant

EO sterilization depends on all of the following except _____.

After use, heavy instruments should be placed
In a seperate location

When preparing instruments for sterilization _____.
Box locks should be open

After surgery, the instruments, used and unused, are cleaned _____.
In the designated processing area

Pulmonic and pulmonary refer to the _____.

The study of tumors is called_____.

Liquids make up _____ of the body composition.

The deepest anatomical part of the bone is the _____.

The pathogen that causes most post-operative infections is ______.
Staphylococcus Aureus

Interferons _____ the effect of the virus.

_____ is a dye that is introduced into the body cavity in order to become visible to the x-ray observation.
Contrast medium

Which if the following is not a synthetic drug?
Thyroid extract

After a case is over, you should _____.
Throw your mask away and get a new one

Nitrogen is always kept in a _____ Cylinder.

What is a reasonable action for the nursing staff during the los of patient consciousness phase of generak anesthesia?
Restrain patient movement

Who is not a member of the sterile team?

The material used to tie off blood vessels is _____.

In preforming a craniotomy, a _____ is created.
Skull flap

The use of intense heat from a xenon photocoagulator to create adhesions that seal breaks in the retina and to destroy proliferating blood vessels that are hemorrahaging into the retina and/or vitreous humor is called _____.

Tissue edges are brought together with precision, avoiding strangulation and eliminating dead space, to promote _____.
Wound healing

Surgical instruments are mande of what type of substance?
Stainless Steel

During surgery, many surgeons identify instruments by _____.

Which of the following is the correct maximum weight for a linen pack to autoclave?
12 lbs

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