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L;E CH 11

question Cognitive characteristic of creative people answer a. Highly Intelligent b. Intellectually curious c. Able to think divergently question Business example of thinking outside the box answer Innovation – cognitive abilities question Concept of innovation answer The creation of new ideas and their implementation or commercialization question Pet peeve technique answer A method of brainstorming […]

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Chapter 5 Section 3;5

question Vice President answer President of the Senate question majority and minority leaders answer most important officers in the Senate question Calendar of General Orders answer list of bills for Senate consideration question filibuster answer way to defeat a bill question cloture answer limits senators’ speaking time question majority leader answer this person’s main job […]

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World History Flashcards

question B. establishing government control over businesses answer what is one-way government leaders in developing countries have attempted to speed development? A. ensuring that nations did not go into debt B. establishing government control over businesses C. increasing the number of small agricultural ventures D. instituting strict laws against child labor question A. explosive population […]

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US History Chapter 38 Review
19 Sep 2020 Database

question 1. When he became attorney general, Robert Kennedy sought to refocus the attention of the FBI on a. organized crime and civil rights b. communist spies and terrorism c. political corruption and campaign law violations d. illegal immigration and drug trading answer A. question 2. When he took office in 1961, President Kennedy chose […]

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Understanding Business Bonus Chapter B

question Data Processing (DP) answer name for business technology in the 1970s ; included technology that supported an existing business and was primarily used to improve the flow of financial imformation question Information Systems (IS) answer technology that helps companies do business; includes such tools as automated teller machines and voice mail question Information Technology […]

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Flashcards on Texas GOVT. Exam 1
15 Sep 2020 Database

question A belief that government is designed to promote the public good describes the __________ political culture answer moralistic question According to Daniel Elazar, traditionalistic political cultures are found where? answer South question By _______, all major statewide elected offices in Texas were controlled by Republicans answer 2002 question Which political groups have traditionally dominated […]

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SWUFE-Understanding Business 9th Edition-Chapter 1

question Goods answer Tangible products such as computers, food, clothing, cars, and appliances question Services answer Intangible products (i.e., products that can’t be held in your hand) such as education, healthcare, insurance, recreation and travel and tourism. question Business answer Any activity that seeks to provide goods and services to others while operating at a […]

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SOCY 101 Final

question Émile Durkheim analyzed the social changes transforming society in his lifetime in terms of: answer the division of labor question A child’s father is likely to tell the child to “say thank-you” when the child receives a gift. This is an example of: answer socialization question According to Émile Durkheim, societies must have organic […]

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SCMT Final Practice Questions

question In the future, how is the heterogeneity of products on a given truckload expected to change? answer It is expected to increase. question At the economy level, the price of transportation is ______________. At the carrier level, it is __________________. answer Inelastic, elastic question The long tail of demand refers to an increased _____________________________. […]

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Quiz 1 (Chapters 1,2,3)

question Nozick’s libertarian theory proposes answer libertarians endorse utilitarianism’s concern for total social well-being. Maybe? NOT:if a person comes into possession of a holding through a legitimate transfer, then, morally speaking, she or he deserves that holding. question Imagine a shopkeeper who is honest because being honest is good for business. When the shopkeeper refrains […]

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Principles of Business Finance Exam 1
04 Sep 2020 Database

question 3 Functions of Corporate Finance answer 1) Capital budgeting 2) Capital structure 3) Short-term cash flow managements question Capital budgeting answer -What should we invest in? -The process of planning and managing the firm’s long term investments. -How do we do it? 1) Estimate cash flows 2) Estimate cost of those cash flows 3) […]

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Pests and pest Control

question Pests answer any organism that is noxious, destructive, or troublesome question Examples of Pests answer Plants, or animals. Such as formosan termite, fire ants, aedes mosquito, medfly question Why do we need pest control? answer Because there are many organisms out there that we don’t like, and we want to keep their populations low […]

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Operational Management Test 1

question Every business is managed through what three major functions? answer Finance, marketing, and operations management question Which business function is responsible for managing cash flow, current assets, and capital investments? answer Fiance question Which business function is responsible for managing cash flow, current assets, and capital investments? answer Finance question Which business function is […]

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question All orgs including service orgs such as banks and edu institutions have a production function answer True question Production is the creation of goods and services answer True question Operations management refers only to the creation of services answer True question Operations management is the set of activities that create goods and services by […]

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MKT 320F Chapter 6

question The organizational consumer market is often referred to as the ________________ or _________________ answer industrial market; the business-to-business (B2B) market question four main categories for business and organizational customers answer producers, intermediaries, government units, nonprofit organizations question Business products 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) answer 1) used to manufacture other products 2) become […]

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MIS 4340.501 Practice Exam

question The lifecycle data management (design) process supports the design and development of products from the initial product idea stage through the discontinuation of the product. answer True question The material planning process is used to maintain internal assets such as machinery and to delivery after-sales customer services such as repairs. answer False question Lead […]

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micro 3
21 Aug 2020 Database

question . Recurring upswings and downswings in an economy’s real GDP over time are called: answer business cycles question The industries or sectors of the economy in which business cycle fluctuations tend to affect output most are answer capitol goods and durable consumers question During a severe recession, we would expect output to fall the […]

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Mgmt Info Systems Mid-term

question Which best defines the function of SQL in a database? answer It is the language relational databases use to create database objects and to manipulate and retrieve data question When a primary key is repeated in a second table to make a relationship it is called: answer A foreign key question Which of the […]

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MGMT 3140 Chapter 1

question Which of the following is one of the ongoing challenges that characterize the current business landscape? answer Technological Change question The change from a local to a global marketplace is? answer Irreversible question Which of the following is true of globalization? answer A company’s talent can come from anywhere question Which of the following […]

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Marketing Concepts

question Marketing is basically selling and advertising answer False question Marketing can be viewed as a set of activities performed by organizations, but not as a social process answer False question The marketing concept says that a firm should aim its efforts at satisfying customers, even if this proves to be unprofitable. answer False question […]

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Management Practice Test Flashcards

question Today’s companies compete in a ______. answer borderless world question Color Copiers operates in a true global fashion, making sales and acquiring resources in whatever country offers the best opportunities and lowest cost. The company can be called a: answer stateless company question The Maquiladora Company, which is a US based company located along […]

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MAI150 – Ch. 10 Review

question Letterhead answer Formal business stationery on which the doctor’s name and address are printed at the top question Watermark answer Impression or pattern that can be seen when paper is held up to the light question Cotton fiber bond, sufite bond answer Letterhead paper is usually printed on these types of paper question No. […]

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