Tech Chapter 9

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You sign up for an RSS feed from Which of the following would you expect to happen?
You will be notified of updates in the content areas you selected
Which of the following statements concerning blogging is false?
A reader can believe all of the details in a blog
You just started to work on a project with THREE other people
The reliability of the content in wikipedia, the only encyclopedia, is questionable because
It is difficult to test the authencityi of the content due to the fact that anyone can contribute content
W web site that combines content from other web sties to form new content is called a(n)
Building relationships, anticipating needs, and provision special deals fort he community’s members is a function of which category of Web 2.0 applications
Social commerce
Which of the following is an advantage of social commerce traditional e-commerce?
The ability to predict buying habits based on real-time data
Which of the following is not an example of social commerce?
Best Buy has a Web site which can be used to purchase products for pick up in a store
Which of the following social shopping methods contribute str environmental sustainability
Peer-to-peer shopping
Which of the following is false about social advertising
Social advertising removes peer pressure from the buying decision
using social coming tools to do market research
Can foster closer customer relationships
The monitoring, collection, and analysis of socially generated data, and the resultant strategic decisions are combined in a process known as ____
Social intelligence
Which of the following si true about the impact of social computing on customer service
Customers themselves can be sued to reduce problems
Social computing has allowed customers
To be advocates and influencers
One of the problems that HR departments have with using social computing to recruit is
They receive many more applications than they can process
HR departments use social computing applications to assist them in which of the following activities
All of the above

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