Systems Analysis Test 2 Quiz Questions

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True or False: Prototyping is best applied late in the systems development life cycle.
T/F: Prototyping may be used as a replacement for the systems development life cycle.
T/F: One reason that prototyping is useful is that user requirements are likely to change over time.
An advantage of prototyping is that systems will be more thoroughly understood before the system is shaped.
Which prototype includes only some, but not all, of the components of the final system?
selected features prototype
Which kind of prototyping is most similar to what engineers call “breadboarding”?
patched-up prototyping
A patched-up prototype is likely to be:
Which of these is a potential disadvantage of prototyping?
shapes systems before problem is thoroughly understood
During the RAD design workshop:
users respond to actual working prototypes and analysts refine designed modules based on the responses
Which of the following is a disadvantage of RAD?
the project may not have any documentation
What are the reasons for why some analysts argue that prototyping should be considered an alternative to the SDLC?
SDLC takes too long and user requirements change over time.
What are the 4 kinds of prototyping?
1. patched-up
2. nonoperational
3. first of a series
4. selected features
T/F: An arrow is used to depict an external entity that can give and receive data from the system.
T/F: Processes that transform data should be named with a noun which indicates the data that has been transformed.
Which graphically characterize(s) processes and data flows through a business system?
data flow diagrams
What is the middle of the process symbol used for?
process description
The advantage of building data flow diagrams based on events is that:
users are familiar with the events within their business and know how the events drive other activities
Partitioning on a data flow diagram for an ecommerece Web site may be used to show:
A primitive process is:
a process that is not exploded to a child diagram
When the data flow in and out of a parent process do not match the data flow in or out of a child diagram, it is called:
unbalanced decomposition
A logical data flow diagram:
is a model of how the business works
Physical data flow diagrams
include processes for adding, updating, changing and deleting records
T/F: Data about data is called metadata.
T/F: A data dictionary contains information about data flow diagram, but not entities or use cases.
T/F: An alias for each element is another name for the data used by different users in different systems.
T/F: The ideal data dictionary is automated, interactive, online, and evolutionary.
What is a reference work of data about data compiled by systems analysts?
data dictionary
A data flow that contains data that are used between processes is called:
A synonym or other name for an element is called a(n):
Since a single data flow may only show part of the collective data,
many data flow may have to be examined to determine the contents of a data store
The data dictionary may be used to create;
screens, reports, forms (all of the above)
T/F: Data flow is usually the first component to be stored in the data dictionary.
Which is NOT related to conventional files?
Files will remain a practical way to store data for some applications.
Which is an advantage of the database approach?
It allows users their own view of the data
Which is incorrect about reality, data, and metadata?
There are data item occurrences with the realm of files
What type of entity is used to represent repeating groups?
attributive entity
What is a collection of data items that have something in common with the entity?
a record
What is defined any data item in a record that is used to identify the record?
What can be constructed by choosing two or more data items and combining them?
concatenated key
Transaction files:
are used to update master files and produce reports
Which of the following is true when implementing a one-to-many relationship?
the file on the MANY end has a FOREIGN key consisting of the PRIMARY key on the ONE end.
Each master file should have programs to:
update master file records, read and process records form the master file, add new records, delete master file records (ALL OF THE ABOVE)

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