Support individuals to live at home Essay Example
Support individuals to live at home Essay Example

Support individuals to live at home Essay Example

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  • Published: July 21, 2017
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Benefits of receiving support for living at home: Receiving in-house supported living from Mencap can help individuals improve and encourage their independence.

The service users enjoy a greater sense of normalcy, enabling them to spend more time with loved ones or have visits from friends and family. They also have increased control and options in their daily routines. Moreover, having their personal belongings close by, which may hold sentimental value from loved ones, brings comfort and cherished memories for the individual service users.

Single service users receiving support in a certain location will experience fewer interruptions or disturbances from other residents, which could potentially hinder their progress or create confusion during activities such as review meetings or one-on-one consultations regarding their progress in gaining confidence and independence in their homes. The support provided to service users allows them to maintain thei


r independence and physical capabilities, and it encourages individuals with disabilities to maximize their potential and independence in the following ways:

- Enhancing their confidence and independence.
- Ensuring their rights and choices are maximized.
- Preserving their privacy.
- Instilling confidence in the support they receive.
- Aligning with their personal beliefs and preferences.
- Meeting safety requirements.

As an active support worker for mencap, I assist individual service users in their daily support needs and ensure that their documentation, including permissions to access personal rooms or view personal documents, support plans for dressing and grooming, individual risk assessments, daily medication administration records (MAR sheets), and OP6 medicine count and disposal forms, are kept up to date.The following tasks are carried out to ensure a safe and efficient working environment for our Mencap support and service team to assist individual service users, i

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line with the value statement of Mencap:
- Maintaining records of day-to-day personal finance and expenditures
- Keeping track of daily activities and events through monitoring sheets and activity journals
- Performing regular wellness checks and ensuring safety measures are in place for the service user's home.

(Joe mentions weblogs, daily papers, provided by mencap and information.)
(Joe compares the functions of people and bureaus needed to support an individual to live at home.)

Joe's role as a direct mencap support worker requires close collaboration with various individuals, including members of the mencap support team, other professionals, and people who are significant to the service user Joe supports.

All the support that individuals may need includes various people and agencies that have roles in assisting and may be necessary to support a single service user to live at home, such as the following.

The importance of providing information about benefits, allowances, and financial planning that could support individuals to live at home should be explained.

It is crucial for the single service user to be aware of available support. We assist them in determining what they qualify for based on their support and learning disabilities. Numerous local authorities have transitioned from residential care to supported housing for individuals with learning disabilities.

Failure to offer financial planning for service users may hinder their ability to maintain residence in their own homes. Numerous initiatives have primarily concentrated on enhancing access to welfare benefits and securing accommodations with assistance. The primary objective of organizations such as mencap, specializing in supported living, is to promote independence, autonomy, and community integration. Nevertheless, insufficient attention has been given to this aspect, resulting in

a predominant focus on housing logistics and recurring denial of housing rights.

Institutional patterns persist in supported life and community inclusion, and individuals are unable to achieve webs without support from Mencap. Mencap provides information about benefits, allowances, and financial planning. Findings from service users and information gathered from those receiving support will be shared through discussion and best practice documents. Additionally, a national conference and national housing programs will be established.

societal inclusion.regional learning disablement and lodging webs. An single Service users will necessitate supported to populate at at that place ain place. Explain how hazard direction contributes to back uping persons to populate at place. Risk direction, or hazard appraisals, by mencap involve placing and mitigating hazards to ensure the safety of individual service users. These hazards can arise from personal needs and health, social situation and lifestyle, financial circumstances, and legal or environmental factors. By conducting these assessments, we can determine the support needs of individuals and implement measures to reduce identified risks. The reduction steps are recorded in the service users' support plans, with the goal of enabling them to maintain independence in their own homes or other environments. Our approach to risk assessments and support plans adheres to legal and mencap organizational procedures. Additionally, we seek input from individual service users and key stakeholders to identify any further risks or needs.Within the hazard appraisals and support programs, the focus is on addressing the hazards associated with personal care or other activities, manual handling tasks, meeting the individual's preferences for independence and staying at home, and ensuring access to and security of their home. The identification process also includes procedures and practices for

maintaining and documenting new hazards related to equipment, devices, fixtures, and premises. It also involves determining the necessary resources and procedures that should be in place and regularly monitored to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries, and harm to service users, key individuals, and support staff. Furthermore, the plans also detail how these actions will be implemented.

The implementation and review of hazard appraisals and support programs, including communication to service users, identification of countries where preferences differ, making changes to meet preferences, and regular review based on legal and organizational requirements, will be conducted by individuals with the necessary knowledge and expertise. Additionally, in certain cases where a service user's mental health is a factor, the program may need to incorporate different levels of wellness.

If a person's head is on the baseline, below the baseline, or above the baseline, depending on their province of head. Mention a transcript of the two different sorts of hazard appraisals and support program for Joe's weblog.

Outcome 2

Be able to contribute to planning support for life at home

Identify with an individual the strengths, skills, and existing networks they have that could support them to live at home.

Engage actively with an individual's strengths.

The following text emphasizes the accomplishments and resources that people have, which can aid them in living independently at home. This strategy recognizes an individual's entitlement to engage in everyday activities and relationships as much as they can, while considering their personal, physical, financial, social, environmental, and safety requirements. The person is viewed as an active contributor in deciding their own care or support instead of a passive receiver. In this framework, individuals are able to establish their

own aims, objectives, and achievements to assist them in developing their abilities.

All records of Joe's web logs cutting grass accomplishments and instructions are documented in the personal purposes ends and accomplishments file. This file is used to support their independence and update hazard appraisals. We employ support programs, monthly reappraisals, and 1-to-1 meetings to set goals and track achievements for Joe's web logs cutting grass. We evaluate an individual's needs that may require additional assistance, as well as their preferences for meeting those needs. If reporting is necessary according to legal and organizational requirements, we ensure that the appropriate individuals or groups handle it, such as the area director, house director or on-call director, professionals or specialists. Any changes or issues that arise while providing support must be reported along with significant changes in the individual to the relevant people at Mencap. Moreover, we utilize various forms of communication including spoken language preferred by the individual, signs, symbols, pictures, writing, objects of reference, communication passports, and other nonverbal methods. Human and technological aids are also employed to facilitate communication. Additionally, there may be other concerns that need attention such as changes in the person's health status or difficulties related to using the bathroom or bodily waste management.We also take into account any changes in the person's skin condition and their motivation for personal hygiene and training. The toilet facilities can include a bathroom, toilet, bedpan or urinal. Our knowledge and understanding will be focused on the legal requirements and codes of practice that are relevant to my support job role and the activities related to the individual service user we are assisting. It is important

for us to contribute to reviewing the support provided for living at home and identifying any changes in an individual's circumstances that may require adjustments in the type or level of support. Within the Mencap organization, our house managers have the responsibility of ensuring that house teams like mine are functioning properly.

The following information regarding the individual service users' personal files is recorded and kept up to date as follows:

  • An updated history of the individual's reviews
  • Key documents related to the individual's review, such as appraisals and notes
  • The agreement for the review, indicating participation or audience with the individual
  • The signed support plans by both the individual service users and the team
  • Any changes to parts of the risk assessments or support plans must be agreed upon by the service user, whether during review meetings or outside of them

When changes are needed for risk assessments or support plans, they must be updated and the old documents should not be destroyed as they may contain important information regarding the individual service users' personal support history. All risk assessments or support plans will be maintained and stored in archive boxes to comply with the requirements of the Information Protection Act 1998, the Care Standards Act 2000, and any additional recording requirements of Mencap.

All service users of mencap will have their support needs regularly reviewed at agreed intervals or meetings, upon the request of the service user and in cases of changes in their needs and circumstances. These needs may include risks associated with:

  • personal needs and health
  • social situation and lifestyle
  • financial circumstances
  • security, environment or legal status
  • These assessments are crucial to promote a safe way of life and to identify risks. Any risks identified in an individual's current risk assessments will be reviewed, and agreed upon risk reduction measures will be recorded in the service user's support plans. Regular reassessments are conducted to ensure that any changes in an individual's support indicate a need to adjust the type or level of support required. The responsibility falls on the service manager to ensure that individual service users have a full and active participation in all aspects of the review process, taking into consideration their age and understanding.

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