Supply Chain Management chapters 2-4

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All of the following are true about the customer relationship management process except
CRM is not a technology tool
The strategic customer relationship management process should be performed by:
a team of executives from several functions
All of the ways that CRM can positively affect customer value added except:
increase accounts receivable
The first step of the operational customer relationship management sub process is to:
differentiate customers
Which team identifies criteria for categorizing customers?
customer relationship management strategic team
All of the following are ways that customer relationship management can reduce total expenses except
improve share of customer
Managements goal when implementing SCM should be:
encourage actions that benefit the whole supply chain while at the same time equitably sharing in the risks and rewards
The CRM team must quantify the benefits of process improvements in
financial terms
When should gain sharing be determined in order to not undermine joint objectives
at the onset of the relationship
All customers don’t contribute equally to the success of the firm and the goal is to identify those customers who _____ and ____ special treatment so the …
desire & deserve
All of the following are true about suppler relationship management except:
it is the mirror image of CRM
The first step in the strategic SRM sub process is to
Review corp, marketing, manufacturing and source strategy
The first step in the operational SRM sub process is to
differentiate suppliers
All of the following are ways that SRM can positively affect economic value added except
increase cost of direct materials
what types of suppliers are assigned a designated team of the supplier RM
key suppliers
All of the following are important considerations when developing guidelines for the degree of differentiation in the PSA except
ensuring that standardized PSA can be offered to all customers
Supplier profitability reports can be constructed by wholesalers and retailers but it is not possible for manufacturers to develop these reports for the suppliers of
undifferentiated components and materials
The SRM teams provide inputs to each of the other supply chain mgmt process teams are affected by the customizations that have been made in the
AT the______________ level the SRM process deals with developing and implementing the PSAS
As an example of a __________ item for Wendy’s is their cooking oil.
All of the following are true about CSM except
the process is equivalent to logistics customer service
the 1st step in the strategic customer relationship sub process is to
review corporate and marketing strategy
the 1st step in the strategic customer service management sub process is to
develop customer service strategy
as the importance of the customer increases then the product service agreement will be
have a higher level of customization
who is dedicated full-time to a particular customer or segments of customers
customer service and salespersons
product and service agreement will vary based on all of the following except
product complexity
the 1st step of the operational customer service mgmt sub process is to
recognize event
Once a customer service event is recognized the customer service mgmt process team evaluates alternatives for managing the event except
the least disruption to the customer and internal operations
All of the following are ways that customer service management can positively affect value added except
increase tracking and tracing costs
customer service mgmt metrics should reflect the _____________ perspective and expectations

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