Stress Management Chapter 7

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Expressing yourself and satisfying your own needs, feeling good about this, and not hurting others in the process is known as
Assertive behavior
Seeking to dominate or to get your own way at the expense of others is known as
Aggressive behavior
Sacrificing your own needs or wants to meet someone else’s needs or wants is known as
Nonassertive behavior
Aggressive nonverbal communication would include which of the following?
All the choices are correct
Relating your feelings regarding another person’s behavior is which component of the DESC form
Paraphrasing a speaker’s words and feelings is known as
Active listening
Which of the following is true about nonverbal body language
All the choices are true
All of the following are true about “I” statements, except
When we use “I,” we are avoiding directed critics
A time management technique in which tasks are prioritized is known as
A, B, C lists
If the items on this list never get done, you would be just fine
C list
Getting others to do those things that need to be done, but that do not need your personal attention, is known as
Time management skills include
All of these
The assertion theory is based upon the premise that every person has certain basic rights
The purpose of the communication process is to convince someone that your point of view is correct
Communication by body posture often says as much as the spoken word
As a first step in managing time better, you might want to analyze how you are currently spending your time
All of your goals should be equally important
People that never say “No” are rarely stressed
A calendar is the only tool you need to be organized

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