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Texas State ; Local Government (Ch. 11, 12, ; 13)

question Dual Budgeting System answer the compilation of separate budgets by the legislative branch and the executive branch question DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid answer the fundamental and distinctive characteristics or qualities of someone or something, especially when regarded as unchangeable. DNA testing, has been a resource that aids both defendants and prosecutors question Contingency Fee answer […]

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EOC Business ; Industry

question Bessemer Process answer Making steel from pig iron question Blacklist answer List of workers not to hire question Boycott answer This product verboten question Depression answer Economy going bad question Gold Standard answer Basis and backup for money question Inflation answer Prices for products going up question Monopoly answer UNO company rules market place […]

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business communications 1-3 ; 5-9

question Credibility answer your reputation for being trustworthy the degree to which others believe or trust in you question post tust era answer the public increasingly views companies with less trust surveys show that employees often do not trust their own business leaders business leaders do not always trust their employees question the role of […]

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WGU CYC1 Princples of Accounting

question True answer Accounting is defined as the process by which financial information about a business is recorded, classified, summarized, interpreted, and communicated to owners, managers, and other interested parties. True False question True answer The financial statements and the auditor’s report must be made available to stockholders of publicly owned corporations. True False question […]

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Unit 7 Vocab

question What effect do many biographers and historians believe that paralysis had on Roosevelt? answer It increased his empathy for the day-to-day suffering of the majority of Americans question Franklin Roosevelt’s time at the famous Groton boarding school revealed that Franklin was more interested in popularity and fun than his studies. answer True question To […]

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Topic 8: business cycles and economic fluctuations

question What has been the trend with amplitudes in RGDP growth answer Amplitudes have moderated, they are smaller recently. Recessions have become less frequent, more time in between each recession question What increases during recessions? answer unemployment rate question what are the variables used to define business cycles? answer unemployment and real GDP question Pro-cyclical […]

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Test 1 Strategic Management test bank

question The environmental analysis that looks at the natural environment plus four aspects of the societal environment is called the answer STEEP Analysis (Ch 4) question Five years ago, my company’s market share was at 5%. Today it is at 10%. In carrying out my strategic planning for next five years, I will forecast my […]

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Stress Management Chapter 7

question Expressing yourself and satisfying your own needs, feeling good about this, and not hurting others in the process is known as answer Assertive behavior question Seeking to dominate or to get your own way at the expense of others is known as answer Aggressive behavior question Sacrificing your own needs or wants to meet […]

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Small Business Management Test 1 Ch 1-8

question Who is an entrepreneur? answer One who is relentlessly focused on an opportunity, either in a new or existing business, to create value for the customer and owner. Assumes both risk and reward for the effort. question What are the 5 primary rewards or incentives for entrepreneurs? answer 1. Profit 2. Independence 3. Freedom […]

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R+F Terms

question Big Business Launch (BBL) answer This is the event at which a Consultant officially opens for business. There are many different ways to hold your BBL and it is often done with the help of a Sponsor and/or Upline. question Commissionable Volume (CV) answer The commissionable value assigned to each commissionable product for calculation […]

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PS Final Exam

question “Retail politics” refers to answer campaigns where candidates meet citizens face-to-face to discuss politics. question A frequent cause of measurement error in polls is due to ________. answer poorly worded questions question A liberal would most likely support answer an expansion in governmental social services. question A wealthy businessperson who is very liberal is […]

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Flashcards About Practice Exam 1

question QUESTION NO: 1 What functions do routers perform in a network? (Choose two.) A. path selection B. packet switching C. VLAN membership assignment D. microsegmentation of broadcast domains answer Answer: A,B Explanation: The primary functions of a router are: Packet Switching and Path Selection. It is the routers job to determine the best method […]

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Pain management: ATI quiz #2

question Sources of pain during the stages of labor answer 1st stage: internal visceral pain that may be felt as back and leg pain 2nd stage: pain that is somatic and occurs with fetal descent and expulsion 3rd stage: pain with the expulsion of the placenta is similar to the pain experienced during the first […]

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Nutrition Exam: Management of Body Composition

question Management Factors of body fat levels answer 1. Physical – certain amount of fat required for health 2. Intellectual – skill to understand society’s role in molding our attitude toward body shapes 3. Emotional – developing self esteem regardless of body composition 4. Social – developing circle of friends who accept people at extremes […]

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MNGT 310 Chapter 3.

question What are the two types of external organizational environments? answer General and the specific. question In terms of external organizational environments, the ____ environment affects all organizations while the ____ environment is unique to each company. answer General; specific. question All events outside a company that have the potential to influence or affect it […]

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Mis final Flashcards
24 Aug 2020 Database

question ________ is defined as information containing patterns, relationships, and trends of various forms of data. Business process management Business intelligence Spatial intelligence Process mining answer Business intelligence question Which of the following is true of source data for a BI system? It refers to the organization’s metadata./It refers to the level of detail represented […]

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MIS180 Chapter 9

question Planning Phase answer Establishes a high-level plan of the intended project and determines project and determines project goals. question Analysis Phase answer The firm analyzes its end-user business requirements and refines project goals into defined functions and operations of the intended system. question Business Requirements answer The specific business requests the system must meet […]

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World History Chapter 15 Section 3

question New France answer French claims in Canada quietly grew while French rulers were distracted by wars at home in Europe question revenue answer income question Pilgrims answer English Protestants who rejected the Church of England question compact answer an agreement among the people question French and Indian War answer In North America, war between […]

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mgt 386
20 Aug 2020 Database

question A significant benefit of starting your own company is answer contributing to society and being recognized for your efforts question potential drawbacks of small business ownership include: answer a high likelihood of a lower quality of life while starting and establishing the small business question more businesses fail because of ___ than for any […]

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mgmt464 ch10

question What does “MBO” stand for? answer management by objectives question Which of the following is NOT descriptive of the purpose of Management By Objectives (MBO)? answer MBO operates independently and requires very little supervision question Assimilation involves the relatively balanced give-and-take of culture and managerial practices between the merger practices. answer false question If […]

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Medical Office Applications Final Review

question The standard setting for the margin in business correspondence is 2 inches. T/F answer False question The USPS abbreviation PA stands for Philadelphia. T/F answer False question Tan Kraft envelopes are also called clasp envelopes. T/F answer True question You need to capitalize all the words in the closing of a business letter. T/F […]

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Marcoeconomics Chapter 9

question Innovations such as the microchip and the Internet lead to business cycle variations because: answer significant innovations occur irregularly and unexpectedly. question According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, to be officially unemployed a person must: answer be in the labor force. question If actual GDP is $340 billion and there is a positive […]

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