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Stock Market Game Reflection In the stock market game I was a investor. Investors are meant to buy stock and usually they gain or lose money depending on how the stock markets and economy is. The way stocks work are you pay for a company and you can either make money if you are doing well or lose money if your business is failing. At first I bought 3 stocks. I bought 3 in fear of losing money. Then as the game went on I felt a little bit more comfortable spending more money because not much was happening.

It seemed like the more I bought the more money I would make. There were so many times I wanted to just go up and sell them all but I wanted to see what was coming next. I see stock as being a gamble. You could make money or sincerely lose money. It depends on your timing and the choices you make at the time. At the end I had a few stocks. I regretted not selling them way before because I knew the stock market was going to crash.

I however, did sell all of my stocks before the stock market crashed and I made a profit of $50 so I didn’t play the smartest but I played smart. I was happy I didn’t lose a lot of money because that would show I didn’t really know what I was doing, but in reality I knew pretty much everything that was going to happen. That’s why I sold my stocks before the crash. If I bought stocks in real life I would be a lot more smart about it and I would pay attention to the news and predicts if something bad were to happen.

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