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Quebec act It gave the french Canadians complete religious freedom and restored the french form of civil law
church of England in the america hierarchy and order .king was the head. by 1750 strong and well established in the south
great awakening 1735-45 happen at the same time at the revolution. tried to bring religion back.
most important sermon center in the hands of an angry god
sermons were called fire and brimstone
new lights pro revivalist (Johnathan Edwards, john Whitefield), concerned with feelings, emotional
old lights anti-revivalist. not emotional, bible, logical
baptist growth evangelical Calvinists(tried to go to south to evangelize) vs the south, violent opposition in Virginia
ENLIGHTENMENT IN AMERICA reason and nature(everything happen because god and there was no reason for everything) Protestants and Catholics had in common science and progress (Issac newton laws of gravity, calculus, laws of motion)
ben Franklin represented the enlightenment o Flew the kite completely revolutionized the world o Lightening experiment/theories regarding electricity o Became the ideal picture of America o He contracted syphilis o Very bright incorporates logic
Issac newton laws of gravity, calculus, laws of motion)
political ideas ideal was monarchy, democracy, aristocracy (in common: they should all benefit the people)
english const the sys was based on crown(king), lords and common ppl, ministers, king choose his own advisers in house of commons
rotten boroughs and placements the king was bribing people to enforce his laws
colonial constitutions->written doc assembly(made up of elected officials), council, governor(rep the king), gov was paid by assembly men ALL ELECTED BY OFFICIALS, PAPER POWER: assemblies were dominated and controlled by various political faction, NEWSPAPER: were influential
signs of tyrant(England) corruption, isolated ruler, wicked worthless wars, taxes without rep, no juries, Catholicism, standing army
isolated rulers kings advisers were giving false info, made king see things certain way
standing army idea of quartering troops in colonies
Catholicism any catholic nation was pron to war
no juries novascocia in Canada, sent ppl to be tried, which was expensive and inconvenient
taxation w/o rep taxed with no say . virtual rep
ex of wicked and worthless wars french and Indian war/french and English war
wars an empire america was not effected by wars in Europe
french and Indian war started at ft. duquesne. FIRST WAR TO EFFECT AMERICA. Albany plan(first to create unified gov for colonies, more than 20 reps of colonies, gathered to plan defense related french/indian war), gen. braddock at ft.duquene
gen. Braddock at ft duquesne->pittsburg were wash loses when trying to defeat french, later on taken by pittduring champgine(turned the tide of war)
Pontiac rebellion/peace(end of France 1763) (1763 NA disattified with post war policy to get british to move out of great lakes region,British did not leave but did change polices ), English/american relationship transforms
proclamation line of 1763 issued proclamation that colonials could not cross west of Appalachian mount
molasses act SUGAR ACT replaces molasses act, reduces the prices of molasses, trade reg
tea act was to reduce the massive amount of tea held by the financially troubled British, saved east India company from bankruptcy, act gave east Indian comp a monopoly on tea sales
declaratory act response to stamp act
stamp act->PIVOTAL POINT WAS, (admiralty courts used to try offenders ), CAUSED COLONIALS TO BOYCOTT BRITISH GOODS >SONS OF LIBERTY secret society formed to protect rights of colonists, and to fight taxation, and played a major role in battling stamp act, caused riots
constitutional arguments taxation w/o rep, virtual reps
declaratory act declaring British superiority
townshed acts 1776 tax on paper, paints, tea, glass, lead, which could only be bought from britian repealed because colonists stopped buying British good
quartering act civilians were not obligated to support troops
Paul revere was the guy that drew the famous image of the Boston massacre
Boston massacre patriots vs British, street fight and 5 colonists died RANDOM
boston tea party dumped tea into Boston harbor
intolerable act cursive act 1774; closed Boston port til tea was paid for, limited meetings, ignore quartering act Quebec act: gave french Canadians complete religious freedom & restore french form of civil law, replaced the proclamation law, gen gage gov of massachuse
1 Continental congress boycott British goods, response to corsive acts, declared rights
2 continental congress adopted the dec of indep, olive branch petition: last attempt to avoid a full on war with Britain
bunker hill blood bath, british lost more than half their task force
lexington and concord first battle of rev
hessians German troops contracted by great Britain
declaration independence written by thom jeff, not a christian argument, written in 2 cc , started the revolution
revolution dec of in, turning point is seratoga(British losing), treaty of Paris-> became U.S w/ 13 colonies
articles of confederation first attempt to form gov, PROBLEMS; of control state legislatures,shays rebellion,vanishing national gov SUCCESS; winning the revolution, north west ordinance 1787
Shays' Rebellion is the name given to a series of protests in 1786 and 1787 by American farmers against state and local enforcement of tax collections and judgments for debt.
north west ordinance where states were admitted to the union
sons of liberty secrect society formed to protect colonists

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