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Info Security Ch 5 & 6

question On your way into the back entrance of the building at work one morning, a man dressed as pluber asks you to let him in so he can “fix the restroom”. What should you do? answer Direct him to the front entrance and instruct him to check in with the receptionist. question Which of […]

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Chapter 1 – Business Intelligence, Analytics, & Decision Support

question Business Environment answer this is becoming more complex, creating opportunities and problems question Business Environment Factors answer – Markets – Consumer Demand – Technology – Societal question Organizational Responses answer Be reactive, anticipative, adaptive, & proactive – take action question Strategy Gap answer space between current performance & desired performance of a company – […]

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WISE: Money Management
21 Sep 2020 Database

question One of the benefits of holding an investment for over a year rather than selling it in less than a year is that the answer capital gains on the investment will be taxed at a lower rate question A man budgeted $200 a month for clothing. This month the man spent $150 on clothing […]

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US History 2 Unit 2

question Treaty of Paris, 1898 answer was an agreement made in 1898 that resulted in Spain surrendering control of Cuba, Puerto Rico, parts of the West Indies, Guam, and the Philippines to the United States in exchange for a payment of twenty million dollars. [1]. It was signed on December 10, 1898, at the end […]

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UF MAN 3025 Exam 2
17 Sep 2020 Database

question 2 branches of classical viewpoint answer Scientific Management Administrative Management question 4 functions of management answer Planning Organizing Leading Controlling question 7 challenges for managers answer Achieve competitive advantage Embrace Diversity Manage for globalization Incorporate IT Incorporate Ethics Manage Sustainability Achieve Life goals and personal satisfaction question Rewards of practicing and studying management answer […]

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Test Out PC Pro Chapter 10 and 11 Practice Questions answers (Chiang Test Out Final Exam Answers)
14 Sep 2020 Database

question 10.1.3 Practice Questions answer question You have been tasked with designing a workstation that will run VMware Workstation virtualization software. It will be used by a software engineer to run virtual machines for application development and testing. Which criteria should be included in your design for this system? (Select two.) answer -64bit processor with […]

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Supply Chain Management Chapter 7

question Outbound-to-customer logistics systems are also referred to as physical distribution. answer T question Materials management and physical supply are terms that cannot be used interchangeably. answer F question Demand management might be defined as focused efforts to estimate and manage customers’ demand, with the intention of using this information to shape operating decisions. answer […]

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Sociology Chapter 4 – Flashcards with Answers

question Most sociologists (and biologists) argue that race is a human invention, or is socially constructed. Which of the following statements does NOT highlight how race is socially constructed? answer People speak different languages. question According to impression management, the backstage arena would include: answer where we are our private selves and where the real […]

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Chapter 18 Quiz America a Narrative history Edition Volume 2

question John D Rockefeller answer Standard Oil Company of Ohio/ created a monopoly question Andrew Carnegie (Scottish) answer Steel Promoter, salesman, hr focused on Bessemers Process cheaper/wrote \”The Gospel Of Wealth 1889/ Funded 1700 public libraries question American Federation of Labor (AFL) 1886 answer President/Samuel Gompers higher wages, shorter hours, better working conditions/ affiliated with […]

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SBM 1000 chp 21

question The implementation of teams fails sometimes because: answer the team leader and team members do not receive adequate training. question True or False: The most effective job interviews are unplanned, unstructured interactions between the small business owner and the job applicant answer False. question True or False: Open-book management is when employees have access […]

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question Rob agrees to act as an agent for Diane in selling her car. Diane has a duty of loyalty to Rob. answer FALSE question Dwayne agrees to serve as Walker’s agent in booking spots for Walker’s portable basketball game. Dwayne asks Walker for pictures and size specifications of the game so he can provide […]

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Principles of accounting

question Account answer The detailed record of all the changes that have occurred in a particular asset, liability, or owner’s equity (stockholders’ equity) during a period. The basic summary decive of accounting question Accrued Liability answer A liability for which the business knows the amount owed but the bill has not been paid. question Chart […]

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Personal Finance Lessons 1-6

question True or False: Eating one large meal per day is the best way to maintain your health. answer False question Which of these is not a result of regular exercise? answer Causing your heart to wear out faster question Time management can help you: answer All of the above question On average, the ideal […]

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OM 300 Test 1

question Which of the following tasks would NOT typically represent an operations management activity at Hard Rock? Cafe? answer Filing a tax return question The creation of goods and services is referred to? as: answer production question Which of the following is an example of a? “hidden” production? function? answer Transplanting a liver question The […]

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MOP Chapter 14- Medical Records Management

question What is the most important ethical reason to maintain accurate medical records? answer Continuity of patient care question What filing tool could you use to track a patient’s chart which has been removed from the storage area? answer Out guides question How should you correct an error in a medical record? answer In red […]

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MIT 310 test 3 TCNJ Wallace

question 3 phase DM process answer Intelligence phase – collect facts, beliefs, and ideas Design phase – design the method for considering the collected data, to reduce the alternatives to a manageable number Choice phase – select an alternative from the remaining choices question model answer an abstraction of reality presentation, map, equation are created […]

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MIS 315 Chapter 2

question True or False. Information is data presented in a meaningful context. answer True question ________ is defined as recorded facts or figures. answer Data question The ________ component of the IS framework provides instructions for people. answer Procedure question True or False. In the five-component framework of an IS, data is the bridge between […]

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mgt chapter 8

question Which of the following is a business activity that an organization does especially well relative to its competition? strategy synergy cash cow core competence multi-domesticity answer core competence question When AT&T decided to buy media one, a cable company, it was pursuing _______ strategy. a business-level an internal growth a functional level a corporate […]

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MGMT Chapter 16 practice quiz
18 Aug 2020 Database

question Which of the following statements best describes economic value added (EVA)? a. It is the amount that is required to be paid in order to implement a new control system. b. It is negative when company profits exceed the cost of capital in a given year. c. It is the amount by which one […]

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MGMT 240

question What are the three advantages of a diverse workforce? answer -Obtaining More Views and Ideas -Understanding of Diverse Markets -Accessing a Broader Pool of Talent question What do smart business leaders recognize? answer the competitive advantages of a workforce that offers a broader spectrum of viewpoints and ideas, helps companies understand diverse markets, and […]

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Marketing Chapter 2

question Which of the following is true of strategic planning in a firm? A) It deals with maintaining the company’s current business ventures. B) It focuses on the firm’s internal environment rather than the external environment. C) It occurs at the business-unit, product, and market levels rather than at the corporate level. D) It deals […]

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Management Information Systems Final 3

question What is a graphic description of a process, showing the sequence of process tasks, which is developed for a specific purpose and from a selected viewpoint? answer Business Process Model question Which of the following is not a criterion to determine the importance of a process for reengineering practitioners? answer Does the process rate […]

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