SSD 4 Module 2

army health promotion focuses on the integration of ____ into the community and organizational structure
primary prevention and public health practice
unintended pregnancies can be a risk factor for:
o Spouse abuse
o Child abuse and neglect
which of the following are examples of environmental health programs
o Workplace health and safety
o Pesticide usage
o Air and water quality
commanders should emphasize good order and discipline in the barracks or garrison by periodically conducting:
o Health, welfare, and morale inspections
o Unannounced urinalysis tests
o Recognition ceremornies
As a noncommissioned officer, you should receive formal performance counseling within 30 days of the beginning of the rating period and at least ____ thereafter from raters
The ____ is the critical agent for injury prevention and is responsible for establishing interventions and monitoring their effect
unit commander
who uses the results of the command supply discipline program evaluations to determine candidates for the Army Supply Excellence Award Program
Subordinate commanders
for tables of distribution and allowances organizations, the parent organization is the command level ____
designated as the appointing authority for reports of survey
Which of these command supply discipline program evaluation items pertains only to property book accounts
Comparing completed supply transactions for non-expendables with the organization’s property records
The extent to which you find peace is a measure of:
Spiritual Fitness
which method of supply discipline enforcement provides relief from property accountability
administrative measures
national guard and reserve units will receive initial command inspections within the first ____ days of assumption of command
which of the following are examples of internal evaluation sources
o Command inspections
o Installation status reports
o Emergency deployment readiness exercises
o Command post exercises/FTX
which inspection principle involves the sharing of inspection results
focused on feedback
organizational inspection programs are conducted at ____ level and above for active and reserve component units
the organizational inspection program at ____ level and above primarily involves staff inspections, staff assistance visits, and inspector general inspections
which of the following are common unit environmental programs
o Recycling programs
o Installation chemical cleanup
is the integration and application of environmental values into the military mission in order to sustain readiness, improve quality of life, strengthen civil relations, and preserve valuable resources
Environmental stewardship
what would you conduct to identify aspects of the operating environment crucial to the commander’s decisionmaking
Intelligence preparation of the battlefield
____ is the unconditional obeying of international, foreign nation, federal, state, and local environmental rules, regulations, and guidelines that affect current operations
environmental compliance
who is responsible for training the field sanitation team, maintaining waste disposal in the field, and inspecting unit activities and facilities to identify environmental issues and discrepancies
First Sergeant
which of the following categories of soldiers are considered holdees
o Prisoners
o Separatees
o Patients
which of these statements concerning the personnel accounting and strength reporting system are true
o It is resourced in the table of the organization and equipment personnel authorization system
o It is the functional responsibility of the personnel data base management work center and its tactical counterpart
o It is deployed with the tactical force
the ____ may award specific decorations to members of the reserve component not in active federal service
Secretary of the Army
time in grade is computed from the ____
date of rank in the current grade
The _____ is awarded to units for exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding services for at least six continuous months during a period of military operations against an armed enemy occuring on or after 1 january 1944
Meritorious unit commendation
which of the following statements concerning the characterization of service are true
o It is of great significance to the Soldier
o It will effect eligibility for veterans benefits and eligibility for reentry into the military service
o It must accurately reflect the nature of the service performed
a reduction board must include which of the following
o officers and enlisted personnel of mature judgment and senior in grade or DOR to the person being considered for reduction.
o At least one board member will be thoroughly familiar with the Soldier’s field of specialization (inefficiency
cases only).
o The board has an officer or senior enlisted member (or both) of the same gender as the Soldier being considered
for reduction.
when equipment is turned in or transferred the equipment record folder is
kept with the equipment
which form is used to report work on Department of the Army-directed items under an approved sampling plan
DA Form 5990-E, Maintenance Request
in the unit level logistics system, the operational processes menu contains which of the following functions
o Services performed
o Equipment dispatch and return
o Maint faults
the great mobilization of world war ii increased the numbers of noncommissioned officers but also led to
inflation in grade structure
Which of the following components are a part of health promotion programs?
o Physical examinations
o Dental examinations
o Self-reported health information
Which method of supply discipline enforcement involves being proactive in supply operations?
Command emphasis
What is used to confidentially assess your physical and psychological health based on emotional, social, spiritual, and family demensions?
Global Assessment Tool
The _____ relies on proactive, caring, and courageous Soldiers, family members, and Army civilians who recognize imminent danger and take immediate action to save a life.
Army Suicide Prevention Program
When reviewing identical sub-elements in consecutive years, ____ sub-elements must be reviewed in addition to those reviewed the previous year.
The chief of staff, Army Supply Excellence Award program supply support activity category has which of these levels?
o Level IV (A)
o Level IV (B)
The purpose of the CSDP includes:
o Establishing supply discipline as regulatory guidance.
o Standardizing supply discipline requirements.
____ is the conservation of material by every individual dealing with Army supplies.
Supply Economy
Which inspection element are you using when you try to figure out the reason for a Soldier not complying?
Seek the root cause
The chief of staff, Army Supply Excellence Award program modification table of organization and equipment unit category has which of these levels?
o Level I (A)
o Level I (B)
Which inspection principle are you applying if you call a Soldier to check on the progress of corrective actions?
Followed up
What is the purpose of integrated training area management?
o Achieve optimum sustainable use of training lands by implementing a uniform program
Leaders should employ all available active and passive surveillance measures to:
o Identify Soldiers who may be engaging in high-risk behavior
o Identify Soldiers who may be at risk based on behavior and stress indicators
The community Oral Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program includes:
o Support the fluoridation of community water supplies.
o Conducting education programs
Which of the following implements treatment programs to cope with work and family stress?
Behavioral Health Services
Which type of risk is concerned with the hazards that exist because of the presence of an enemy?
o Tactical
Who is excluded from SPC waivers?
o Stripes for education program Soldiers
o CMF 18 Soldiers
o Ranger School graduates
Which personnel accounting system will account for enlisted Soldiers upon initial entry to active duty?
Army Recruiting and Accession Data System (ARADS)
The Army Records Information Management System does which of the following?
o Simplifies recordkeeping
o Improves records processing for deployed units in contingency operations
o Provides a host of support services and automated tools on the web
The Medal of Honor is awarded by the ____
A Soldier must have at least ____ years of total active federal service for promotion to SFC?
Who handled battlefield communications for the continental Army?
o Drummer
o Fifer
Which of the following statements concerning historical records are true?
o They must be controlled and kept safe from loss or damage
o They may be consolidated in one or more binders
o They are always filled out in ink or typewritten, unless specific instructions require pencil.
Due to the nature of conflict in Korea, noncommissioned officer recognition as battle leaders ___ compared to that of world war II.
Why should you use the active voice rather than the passive voice in Army writing?
o It makes the sentences clearer
o It is direct, natural, and forceful
When computing the clarity index to target long words and sentences that make writing difficult to read, what is the target number of words per sentence for the average sentence length?
What violations of the Army standard for writing are you identifying when using the quick-screen editing tool?
o Long words
o Jargon
o Passive Voice
o Misspelling

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