SS Chapter 25 Short Answers FINAL

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What were Harding’s and Coolidge’s policies toward business?
Government should stay out of business
How did corruption affect the Harding administration?
it made Harding, who was a great president, go from great to terrible because of the scandal.
In what ways did people in the 1920s differ from Americans before them?
more rebellions, fashion expression, influenced by radio, jazz music, more leisure
Why did President Coolidge veto a bill to aid farmers?
didnt want government to become involved with people who have social and economic problems
How did the Roaring Twenties change the lives of young people?
went to school longer, more job opportunities
Where was the center of African American culture located in the 1920s?
What were the conflicts that divided society?
teens, african americans
How did yound men and women express themselves differently from their parents in the 1920s?
different attitudes, dress, and speech
How did installment buying encourage the growth of the nation’s economy in the 1920s?
Installment buying is making a large purchase using credit. This allowed people to buy things that they couldn’t afford to buy with their cash savings. More people buying expensive items helped the economy grow.
What was the government’s relationship with business during the 1920s?
*Government regulation of business was kept at a minimum through laissez-fare policies.
How did yound men and women express themselves differently from Americans before them?
different attitudes, dress, and speech
What financial problems did the new nation face?
Identify the four developments in the 1920’s that contributed to economic prosperity.
1. Radio
2. Washing Machine
3. Vacuum
4. Automobile
T/F: The Great Migration and economic gains of African Americans caused the influence of the NAACP to spread outside of the south
NAACP, true
T/F: One reason for the popularity for the professional sports in the 1920s was the development of the radio
professional sports, true
T/F: Clara Bow refered to the expatriates who frequently gathered in her Paris apartment as a lost generation of americans
Clara Bow, false: Gertrude Stein
T/F: When he called for less government in business and more business in government, President Harding was supporting a policy of progressive reform
progressive reform, false: Laissez faire
T/F: In seizing control over trade in illegal liquor in Chicago, Al Capone became the most ruthless crime boss in the 1920s
Al Capone, true

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