Sports marketing 80 terms

The marketing mix consist of which of the following
Planning pricing distribution promotion
Which of the components in the event triangle exchanges money for entertainment
The fan
Which of the following is an example of durable goods
Baseball mitt
Which of the for P’s of marketing effects distribution and shipping goods
What type of marketing is done with Coca-Cola promote products during sporting event
Marketing through sports
Which of the following is a reason the team would utilize marketing
To lure new fans to the venue ballpark stadium aren

To Lure free-agent player to the organization

To lure New coach to the organization

Which is a marketing transaction more money is typically trade for a good or service between producers and consumers
Which of the event triangle components exchanges money for merchandise
Which of the event triangle components exchanges signage for money
Which live in triangle components are most concerned with ambush marketing type dicks
Sports marketing is defined as marketing of?
Sports products
Non-sports products using sports
Which of the following is an example of service
A sports industry intermediary which is responsible for leveraging an athlete worth or determining an athletes bargaining power is the
Sports agent
An Individual or company which ummet need is a
Individuals or companies that provide a supply of goods or service are
Which of the four P’s of marking affect advertising and public relations
Which of the components in the event triangle exchange money for promotion opportunities
The marketing of a league team coach or player is what type of marketing
Marketing of sports
Which of the following components are included in the event triangle
Fan event sponsor
Which of the event triangle components may trade merchandise for promotion opportunities
Caleb, satellite, And pay per view purchase or what type of sports purchases
Are consumers always the same as customers
No, consumers use product customers buy a product
The process of carving out a relatively small part of the market that has a very special need not currently being filled is called
Niche marketing
A sport that has clearly defined rules and is overseen by an organizing body is
An organized sport
Uncertainty about the outcome of the game, ads what type of motivational value for a fan
Entertainment value
An athlete that is compensared or paid for performance is
Professional athlete
The team for identifying similar groups of consumers based on characteristics and needs is
Market segmentation
Segmenting a market based on characteristics such as race, religion, age and income is
Demographic segmentation
Segmentation of market based on consumer interest is
Psychographic mentation
What is meant by the term stadium as place?
Sports events are produced and consumed at the same time at a stadium
Which term describes the total amount of ticket sales for an event
Gate receipt
Segmenting market based on rate of use is
Behavioral segmentation
The personal commitment and emotional involvement consumers have the sports organization is called
Fan loyalty
Segmenting a market based on location, reading, and claimant is
Geographic segmentation
____ is a source of diversion or physical Activity engaged in for pleasure
An athlete that performs without direct monetary compensation or pay is
An amateur
Consumers who derive their benefits from the observation of event are know as
Leveraging a sponsorship means
Increasing the value of the sponsorship through an additional marketing efforts
What is it called when a sponsor utillzes The appeal and draw of an existing event to develop an image for its Products or services with the audience
Borrowed equity
________ is the relationship between a corporate entity and sports property, or the company pays cash or in-kind fee in exchange for exploiting their association with the property
Which of the following are examples of goals a business could expect to achieve through a sponsorship
Increase sales
Which of the following are reasons a business might give for wanting to be involved in a sports sponsorship
Associate with a particular lifestyles

Distinguish from the competition

Increase visibility

What is it called when a company has the right to allow other entities it’s owns to use a logo or brand it has purchased Licensing rights to
Branding rights
Which of the following are true about sponsorship exclusivity
It is usually defined by the category of the product or service
Working with retailers is an important goal for companies that manufacture consumers goods because.
It can lead to increased display space at retail locations

It could increase the number of retail outlets

Which of the following are examples of leveraging a sponsorship
Using a self liquidating promotion

Administering follow-up services

Using aided recall questions in measuring the effectiveness of the sponsorship

In venue and ticket sales P. S. L. Stands for
Personal seat license
Which of the following is example of athlete marketing
Press conferences introducing a team new draft pick to the community
Marketing efforts aimed at increasing attendance, interest, and draw to sporting events is
Event marketing
Which of the following event components is a revenue generator for the venue
What does R. O. L. Stan for
Return on investment
What term describes a companies efforts to develop a personality and make its products or services different from the competition
Which of the following is true about swot analysis
Strengths and weaknesses are primarily concerned with internal factors

Opportunities that threats focus on external factors

Which of the following would be included in the event marketing
Venue marketing

Athlete marketing

Ticket marketing

The physical surroundings of a venue that impact spectators desire to stay at the venue and ultimately return to the venue is called
Which of the following could be included in the offerings of an event
Event merchandise

Fan fun events


Which of the following are elements of sportscape

Design and aesthetics

Seat comfort

Luxury box can positively affect the venue in what way
Increase team revenue and fund team development
Swot stand for
Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats
The interior and exterior her parents of the stadium or Arena that is commonly called
First impression
How often should evaluations completed for an event
What would be a reason a team/event would do marketing for a venue
To increase ticket demand
To increase interest in season tickets
To promote new facilities, offerings or design
To Promote new players or coaches added to the team
Promotion mix is defined as
The combination of advertising, personal selling, sponsorship, and public relations
What media type has good local acceptance, high geographic and demographics selectively Low cost and uses audio
Advertising schedule is
Schedule of promotion
What is the most expensive part of promotionl mix
Personal selling
The part of the promotion mix that maintains mutual beneficail relationship between the sports organization and its public is
Public relations
A personal selling is all of the following except
When selecting a type of media to use what should you consider
Target market


Geographics and demographics

Which of the following is part of promotional mix

Public relations


What is the role of promotion in sports marketing
Which of the following is a media type use in sports



Which of the following is purpose of promotion in sports marketing



Which part of the promotion mix is a paid form of mass communication
All sponsorships propoasals should should include
A price for purchasing the sponsorship

A list of sponsorships rights and benefits

A background of your property

Marketing plan for a team should include
Ticket sales goals

Description of in game promotions

The target audience

In the sports marketing process step of _________consist of understanding consumers needs, select markets, and determining marketing mix for a sports product or service
Which of the following or sections in the typical marketing plan for a team
Target market identification

Executive summary

Situation analysis

In the sports marketing process the step of _____ consists of setting up running in the valuation an event
Which of the following are involved in the situation analysis
Consumer trends

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