Sports in Society Ch. 1

The definition of sports in any particular context usually represents the ideas and interests of
some people more than others

Dominant gender ideology in most societies has traditionally emphasized that
female inferiority in sports is based in nature

Gender ideology refers to
ideas about masculinity and femininity

When the sociology of sports is used to study sports participation among women, the primary focus would likely be on
women’s access to the time and resources needed to play sports

Sports facilities and programs are most likely to be supported by government agencies and tax money when people see sports as
contributing to the common good.

People in the sociology of sport are mostly concerned with studying
the social worlds created in and around sports

Using sociology of sport knowledge to produce postive outcomes is most likely when
it is combined with critical thinking

Racial ideology refers to
ideas and beliefs that people use to give meaning to skin color

When the authors says that the human body is social, this means that
meanings given to the body and body parts change over time.

Physical activity participation rates are most likely to be high in a society when the definition of sport focuses on
a wide range of physical activities that are pleasurable for particpants

According to the definition often used by people in North America, which of the following would be an example of a sport?
Racing in the indianapolis 500

According to the author, culture consists of
ways of life that people create as they live together

Sports are social constructions, this means that they are
created by people as they interact with each other.

According to the definition often used by people in North America, sport is an activity that involves
physical challenges or competitive contests

When girls and women first challenged dominant gender ideology by entering the male world of sports, they were
demonized as abnormal and immoral

The author explains that we should study sports as parts of the social world because sports are
closely connected with important ideas and meanings in social life.

When compared with past research in the sociology of sport, current research is more likely to focus on
physical culture in particular social worlds.

Widespread acceptance of the great sport myth leads people to
see little need to study sports from a critical perspective

Which of following is LEAST likely to be concerned among sociologists who study sports?
The motivation and personalities of athletes

Social class ideology in the United States is organized around
the idea income and wealth inequality is normally a belief in meritocracy

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