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MKTG CH 6 ; 7
26 Sep 2020 Database

question According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which of the following needs do people seek to meet first before meeting any other need? Financial Physiological* Safety Love Esteem answer Phsiological question Locating information from one’s own memory and knowledge is known as a(n) ___________ information search, whereas seeking outside sources of information is an external […]

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Combo with ;Acc 201 Ch 4 Completing Account Cycle; and 3 others
24 Sep 2020 Database

question On a worksheet, when the total of the income statement debit column exceeds the total of the income statement credit column: Net loss $30,000 Dividends 12,400 Salaries and Wages Payable 4,500 answer the company experienced a net loss for the period. question the company experienced a net loss for the period. answer debit of […]

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Accounting II Practice Test Multiple Choice Part 1 ; 2

question Recording and reporting a business’s financial information separately from the owner’s financial information is an application of the accounting concept ____. answer Business Entity question The amount remaining after the value of all liabilities is subtracted from the value of all assets is ____. answer owner’s equity question The accounting equation is most often […]

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Victor Cheng Business Situation Framework

question Customer (5) answer Who is the customer?; What does each customer segment want?; Price sensitivity of each segment; Distribution channel preference by segment; Customer concentration and power question Product (6) answer Nature of product; Commodity or differentiable good; Identify complementary goods; Identify Substitutes; Product’s Life Cycle; Packaging question Company (7) answer Capabilities and expertise; […]

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Understanding Business Test 2
17 Sep 2020 Database

question The Small Business Administration defines a small business as a firm that: answer is independently owned but not dominant in its industry question Which of the following U.S. issues does entrepreneurship most directly affect? answer The ability to create jobs for others question A __________ is a written document that details the business idea, […]

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The Congress

question The US Constitution gives the legislative branch the power to make laws. This is an example of answer separation of powers question An enumerated power is a power of Congress that is answer specifically named in the Constitution question An example of an implied power of Congress is answer establishing the Bank of the […]

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Tax Ch 10 MCQ

question b answer When does un-recaptured §1250 gains apply? a) When the taxpayer makes the election. b) It applies only when non-corporate taxpayers sell depreciable real property at a gain. c) It applies when §1245 recapture trumps §1250 recapture. d) It applies only when real property purchased before 1986 is sold at a gain. e) […]

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Sports Management CH 1-4

question Who founded the National league of professional baseball players answer William Hulbert question Modern Olympic games were held where? answer Athens question Sports management originated in thoroughbred racing how answer Jockey clubs question architect of the professional golf tournament answer Fred Corcoran question University with first sports management academic program answer Ohio University question […]

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Security+ Chapters 15 quiz

question d. Threat evaluation answer At what point in a vulnerability assessment would an attack tree be utilized? a. vulnerability appraisal b. risk assessment c. risk mitigation d. threat evaluation question c. As of the functional and design specifications are being developed based on the requirements answer In the software development process, when should a […]

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quizes 1-4
06 Sep 2020 Database

question “The economy” refers to the sum of all our: answer Production and consumption activities C question To an economist, scarcity means that: answer There are not enough resources available to satisfy all our desires D question What is not a factor of production? answer The $100,00 used to start a new business B question […]

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Process Server

question If you did a substitute service or a nail and mail service on March 5th when do you have to do the mailings? answer March 25th question If you are serving a business which type of service would be best to serve? answer president and board of directors question If you attempt to serve […]

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PM Chapter 4

question In project integration management, directing and managing project execution involves carrying out the project management plan by performing the activities included in it. answer TRUE question Interface management involves identifying and managing the points of interaction between various elements of a project. answer FALSE question The number of interfaces in a single project is […]

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OPIM 3103 Uconn

question Know the four reasons why Systems are vulnerable answer 1. Hardware- Breakdowns, configuration errors, damage from improper use/crime 2. Software – programming errors, installation errors, unauthorized changes 3. Disasters – power failures, flood, fires 4. Use of Networks outside of Firm Control- domestic offshore outsourcing vendors question Be able identify at least 3 reasons […]

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NET 110 Chapter 7

question false answer (T/F) 1. In a star topology, a single connection failure will halt all traffic between all sites. question true answer (T/F) 2. Dial-up ISDN does not convert a computer’s digital signals to analog before transmitting them over the PSTN. question true answer (T/F) 3. ATM is a WAN technology that functions in […]

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MKTG311_CH13_MC Flashcards

question At the _____ stage of brand loyalty, marketers use advertising as a means to increase consumer awareness of a brand. a. brand recognition b. brand preference c. brand insistence d. brand equity answer A question A company has introduced a new product in the market. The company distributes free samples of this product to […]

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MIS Chapter 10 Review
24 Aug 2020 Database

question _____ occurs when computer criminals invade a computer system and replace legitimate programs with their own unauthorized ones. answer Usurpation question Adware and spyware are similar to each other in that they both _______. answer Reside in the background and observe a user’s behavior question In the case of public key encryption, each site […]

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Micro Exam 1 (Chapter 1)

question The main incentive for business activity is answer profit question Adam Smith coined the term “invisible hand” to mean answer a metaphorical hand that leads individuals to promote social interest by pursuing self-interest. question What best illustrates the concept of Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”? answer A Vietnamese farmer grows rice; an exporter ships it […]

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MGT 3003 final

question Empathy is the “ability to accurately pick up on emotions in other people and understand what is really going on with them”. answer question A thinker is most likely to focus on correct analysis and avoid exaggeration and big claims. Refer to table 2.7. answer question Physiological noise refers to disruption due to physiological […]

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MGMT 3370 ch. 4 Questions
17 Aug 2020 Database

question According to Professor Edward Freeman, which of the following is true of ethics and corporate responsibility? answer Managers can benefit their organizations by growing profits as well as behaving ethically toward their stakeholders. question _____ refers to the moral principles and standards that guide the behavior of an individual or group. answer ethics question […]

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Marketing Notes

question The primary purpose of 3M’s 15% rule is to…. answer provide inventors with an opportunity to identify solutions to problems and/or identify new opportunities that would lead to marketable 3M products. question When the Eastman Kodak Company concerns itself with disposal of its film packages in national parks by promoting the slogan “Take only […]

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Managerial Accounting CHAPTERS 19,20,21

question Cost Behavior answer refers to the manner in which a cost changes as the related activity changes question 3 cost behavior classifications answer variable costs fixed costs mixed costs question Fixed cost answer remains constant in total dollar amount as the level of activity changes. goes down if production sales go up and vice […]

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10 Aug 2020 Database

question According to the text, for an entrepreneurial start-up to be successful, three ingredients are critical. What are they? A. good ideas, a team of investors, and a business plan B. a viable opportunity, available resources, and a qualified and motivated founding team C. an opportunity, a marketing plan, and office space D. management, marketing, […]

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