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On average, ___ job openings are posted each year at the Professional Baseball employment Opportunites (PBEO) Job fair is held in conjunction with the Winter Baseball Meetings.
Volunteering to work at local sporting events can make a difference when applying for a job.
Which of the following is not true of the experience section of a resume
Begin each line with a noun
How long is a typical week for an event coordinator?
60-70 hours
Which of the following describes an internship?
Hands-on learning experience
Allows students to establish a network
Allows students initial access to the industry
All of the above***
In which of the following areas of the sport industry can a student gain sport management experience while in college?
College athletic departments
Health clubs
All of the above****
Which of the following skills should you include in a skills section on your resume?
Web design
Ticketing systems
All of the above*****
What is one way that college and universities facing budget setbacks make up for a shortfall in personnel?
Hiring graduate assistants
Which of the following statements is not true regarding a cover letter?
Use a similar letter for all job applications
As a student, you’d like to gain sport management experience while in college. Which of the following is not a good way to do that?
Volunteer for sport events
Get an internship
Work part-time at a health club
All of the above will provide experience*****
Which of the following is not true of the experience section of a resume?
Begin each line with a noun
There is a high turnover rate in professional sport jobs.
Students often get jobs in sport management based on who they know.
Direct participation in recreational sport includes:
a mountain bike race
The recreation movement of the nineteenth century addressed what one major issue?
The 66 hour week
Following World War II, what was the immediate reaction by local governments in response to the recreation movement?
The creation of local parks and recreation departments
The number of women participating in outdoor activities ________ the number of men participating in outdoor activities.
Is higher than
State forests, state parks, national forests, and national parks are representative of what form of recreation?
Public Recreation
What is the primary reason for therapeutic recreation programs?
To improve the patients physical, mental, and emotional health.
The acronym “NOLS” stands for:
National Outdoor Leadership School
When discussing the role of the private sector in recreation, we are discussing what ________ groups are doing to provide jobs and services to allow people to enjoy their experiences in the outdoors?
Which of the following items is not an integral part of a risk management program?
Purchasing life insurance for participants
Which American president is credited with the development of the National Parks system with the establishment of Yellowstone Park in 1872?
Theodore Roosevelt
A recreation manager wants employees who
All of these are correct
state forest and parks departments the national Park service (a division of the US Department of the Interior)and the national Forest Service (a division of the us department of agriculture (usda)are examples of what kind of recreation
Public recreation
Indirect participation in the recreational sport industry is attributed to
The NCAA v. University of Oklahoma case dissolved the NCAA’s hold on television contracts and allowed in individual universities to negotiate television deals.
In 1938, what company prevailed in a lawsuit against a broadcasting company when the court ruled that the home team controls all commercial broadcasting rights to a sport event-a core principle in the sport industry, to this day?
Pittsburgh Athletic Co.
What is true about sports sponsorship?
all of the above
demographic subsets break down the audience by factors such as age, income, gender, and ethnic lines
a television programs “share” represents
the percentage of television households in the survey universe tuned into the program.
Which of the following products are included in the scope of the sporting goods industry?
All of these answers are correct
Some NCAA Division I Schools administer their own licensing programs
One of the earliest sporting goods companies was involved in hunting and fishing equipment
Which company used techniques such as profit distribution system, fixing, ..
The Ohio State University athletic department is an example of a licensee
A ____ can help a sport organization decide hobbits advertising dollars can be effectively spent in the media of TV, print, and the internet
Media Buyer
_____________ are created to reinforce an organization’s brand imagery in the minds of consumers.
Image Ads
________ is, according to Seitel (2001), the symbiosis of advertising, marketing, and public relations.
Integrated Marketing Communications
_________________ is information placed in the media by an identified sponsor that pays for the time or space. It is a controlled method of placing messages in the media.
A ______________ is a basic interpretive mechanism to let people know what an organization is doing and are sent out to editors and reporters in hopes of stimulating favorable stories about their organizations.
Press Release
According to Neilsen//NetRatings, sports internet sites reach approximately ___ million active online visitors.
49 million
_____________ combines elements of computing, technology, telecommunications, and content to create products and services to be used interactively by consumers and business users.
New Media Industry
Community relations activities are intended to
create a benevolent reputation of the organization in the eyes of the public
The three disciplines Integrated Marketing Communications combines are
dvertising, marketing, public relations
______________________ is the attempt by a person or organization to benefit from editorial coverage.
Professional and college Sports media have evolved to a point where it is common to have 5 or more beat reporters covering a particular team
Sport communication professionals may find themselves or their organizations in some legal trouble if they commit _____ in the course of sharing “news” with a representative of the media.
A ___________ is a group of key individuals such as the president, general manager/athletic director, director of communications, director of marketing, director of finance, and legal counsel who are responsible for effectively managing a crisis
crisis team
__________________ combines elements of computing, technology, telecommunications and content to create products and services to be used interactively by consumers and business users.
New Media Industry
Some schools and youth programs are incorporating a “silent Sunday” approach. This approach refers to:
No sideline, cheering, clapping, or coaching from parents
The administration of school and youth sports is primarily a local affair, with most policy and procedural decisions made at the district, school, or youth league level.
A ______________ is a basic interpretive mechanism to let people know what an organization is doing and are sent out to editors and reporters in hopes of stimulating favorable stories about their organizations.
press release
Current management theory stresses the concepts of employee involvement, employee empowerment, and _______________.
Managers concern for employees
sport communications is an area of the professional sports team front office where women are best represented in jobs and internships
Stakeholders are groups and individuals that have a stake in an organization. Of the following, who are stakeholders?
All of the above**
Community Relations
Have objectives that include the development of substantive programs to benefit charitable causes as well as educational and outreach programs in an organization’s area of business
Are programs that allow organizations and their athletes a chance to give back to the communities in which they live and work
Use activities such as in-kind contributions of licensed merchandise, game tickets, and autographed memorabilia to help a cause raise funds through auctions, special events, and raffles
All of the above*****
_________________ is an interchange of information between two or more parties that has a specific purpose or goal.
________________ sent via e-mail are less costly and easier to produce than their printed counterparts and can include additional Web site links.
Electronic Newsletters
A beat reporter is assigned by a local media outlet to cover an organization, its games, and its practices.
Private exclusive clubs are nonprofit 501(c)(7) clubs and are regulated by
Internal Revenue Service
In addition to earning a college degree, a person in the club management career track should connect with which trade association for further certification?
all of these are correct
Due to the economic recession in the late 2000’s, approximately how many people in the United States played golf during the last decade?
25 million
A committee that focuses on a specific problem or issue and remains in existence until that problem or issue is resolved is a(n)
ad hoc committee
Maturation and Saturation of the golf market and the decrease of the new courses being built occurred during which time period?
Which of the following correctly describes the average golfer in the United States?
A male in his early 40’s with an average household income of $85,000.
The goal of a public club is to provide a level of service that is rarely found elsewhere in order to keep an individual in a membership that will last a lifetime.
The game of golf originated in what country?
Based on the text for this chapter, what does ACA stand for?
American Camping Association
A good resume has all of the following except which one?
2 pages long
What should a cover letter not do?
Restate your resume
Sport management jobs pay as much as jobs in most other industries.
It is illegal for an employer to ask you questions about which of the following topics?
All of the above
Which of the following should you do during a job search?
Keep a well documented journal
Which of the following should you list under the education section of a resume?
All of the above
Which of the following is not one of the three phases of an effective interview?
Which of the following is not a professional organization that could provide networking opportunities for students?
When deciding with which professionals to conduct informational interviews, students should consider which of the following categories of people?
All of the above
Obtaining informed participant consent is not required for people..
Community-based recreation is bound by the implication that people at what level bound together in their common interests for recreation?
Hispanic Population
Alexander Graham Bell first demonstrated the telephone in what year?
“Spanning the globe to bring the constant variety”
Roone Arledge
According to the Sports and Finance Industry Association (SFIA), the sporting goods industry reached $77 billion
Which company acts on behalf of more than 200 universities, bowls and conferences to negotiate licensing agreements?
Collegiate Licensing Company
Manufactures such as New Balance have very few staff positions in marketing and sales.
One of the most overlooked forms of communication is internal communications, internal communications involve
communicating to the organizations own staff
A video news release (VNR)
A reproduced piece that includes a written story summary or press release that is edited for broadcast,
Community relations activités are intended to
create a benevolent reputation of an organization in the eyes of the public
A sport-related job website
All of these
It is not acceptable to email your resume for a job opening
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