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Communication as the means of coming to know who we are is known as satisfying __________.
Identity needs
Disinhibition refers to ____.
Sending online messages without considering the consequences
Which of the following is not a principle of communication?
Communication is reversible
“Turn left at the next corner.”
“You can buy that less online.”
“You’re standing on my foot.”
are examples of which dimension of communication.
What are the characteristic that distinguish effective communicators from their less successful counterparts?
They communicate “competently.”
A growing body of research reveals that CMC is not the threat to relationship that some critics once feared because _______.
Real-life and online relationships are becoming indistinguishable from one another.
The difference between a quantitative view of communication and a qualitative view of communication is _________.
Qualitative communication is characterized by treatment of each interactants as unique.
When the authors suggest that communication will not solve all problems, they mean which of the following?
Sometimes clear communication is even the cause of problems.
The authors write that one of the misconception of communication is that people think meanings are in words. What they mean is that _____________.
words that make perfect sense to you be interpreted in entirely different ways by others
True or False, The differences between face-to-face and virtual relationship is eroding
Self-fulfilling prophecies are
postive or negative prediction of our behaviors, imposed by other and /or oursleves
A “significant other” is best defined as
a person who has affected one’s self-concept
The relatively sable set of perceptions you hold of yourself is called your
“Reference groups” are
groups against which a person compares him/herself
People try to manage their identities in order to
all of the above
(Initiate a relationship, save another;s face, get other to do something they want.)
The characteristic ways you think and behave across variety of situations describes your
When Joe hangs his framed medical degree s on his office wall he is managing his identity through
To say that identity management is collaborative means that
each person creates an identity in response to the other’s behavior.
Which of the following does not characterize identify management?
Identity management is always deliberate.
People who are high self-monitors
are much more aware of their impression management behavior than others
True or False: True empathy requires that you agree with the other person’s opinions.
True or False: Whether you are happy or unhappy with a partner will affect how you interpret that person’s behavior.
The Pillow Method is designed to
gain insight into another’s viewpoint
All of the following would be included in a good definition of empathy except:
It requires that your opinion match those of the other person.
How could you improve this perception-checking statement? “When you gave me an F on my essay, I figured you hate me. Right?
Give another interpetation
Which of the following statement is not TRUE?
People agree about what smells good or bad.
Curt made a poor first impression on Carol as he first arrived, so throughout their evening date, despite his pleasant behavior, Carol continued to see him in an unfavorable light due to
All of the following are causes of inaccurate perception except
We rate ourselves more negatively than others see us.
When Mary meets Ted at a party, she asks him what he does for a living,example of.
Social role
When Lynn got caught speeding, Amy said she should have been more careful; late when Amy got caught speeding, she denied she was driving too fast. This is an example of what tendency in perception?
The self-serving bias
True or False: Men are more likely than women are to reveal their strengths
Social scientists generally agree that there are four components to the phenomena we label as “feelings”
Physiological changes, nonverbal reactions, cognitive interpretations, and verbal expression.
According to your text, one reason people don’t express feelings is
They lack awareness of their emotions
“You never listen to me!” – example of subscribing to fallacy of
True or False: Research indicates that people from the warmer climates are more emotionally expressive than people from cooler climates
When you believe that satisfaction in life is determined by forces beyond your control, you are falling for the fallacy of
Two things that distinguish facilitative feelings from debilitative ones are
intensity and duration
The best predictor of being able to detect and interpret emotional expression is
biological sex
Emotion labor
is the term described in the text as the process of managing and sometimes suppressing emotions
How is emotional intelligence defined in the text
the ability to understand and manage one’s own emotions and be sensitive to others’ feelings

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