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Britain’s ‘litter epidemic’ costs almost El ban every year? Who drops the litter? I would say the first group is the working people that are paying taxes so they think they have the right to drop litter because they pay to clear it. WRONG! The other group is the benefit seeking litter louts. They don’t pay taxes so they think its absolutely K to drop anything. WRONG AGAIN! We should be thankful to those “neuters” wasting our taxes that could be spent for important thing like improving our roads, free education or a better NASH service. Who picks the litter? Someone who is employed to do that.

But those workers are paid from tax payer’s money so at the end of the day we, the taxpayers pay for litter picking. But let me ask you a question. Don’t we have any unemployed people? Picking up litter is exactly the kind of useful unskilled task we should be asking people to do in exchange for their benefits. There’s no reason to pay healthy people to sit around all day doing nothing when there are things we need done. If they had to pick up the litter what others had dropped, they would think twice to do it next time. What’s the reason someone drops litter?

Laziness, behavior, lack of education. People are unconcern about litter as they live in a throwaway society and the rubbish becomes just part of the street furniture that we live with and ignore. Let me tell you a story: once live been enjoying my fast food meal when I spotted a car parked a bit further, two persons in the car also having their meal. There was rubbish all around the car. Thought straight away that there is no way someone would park a car between two rubbish heap’s. So as I was watching the car I saw the window coming down and a litter had been roped.

I was going mad. I parked my car behind the car and confronted the two ladies, vendors there was actually a bin ten feet away. What could be the solution? In my opinion the key is to teach people the consequences of their action. So how can we achieve it? Firstly with education starting in early age. Secondly with fines. But not the funny 80 pounds fine. Mean a massive 10 thousand pound fine that would make think twice everyone if it’s worth to drop that litter. And finally we should have a “hall of shame” where we could publish strictures of those proven of littering.

Why is Litter so Bad? Apart from looking awful and spoiling our streets, beaches and countryside, people need to understand the damage litter can do to the environment and wildlife. Rubbish thrown into rivers and streams, and oceans will pollute the water! Without water there will be no life on earth! The litter problem is getting out of hand. Current statistics are truly alarming: since 1960, the Auk’s population has grown by 21 per cent, but in that same time the amount of litter has risen by a whopping 500 per cent.

More than 30 lion tons of rubbish are collected from our streets every year and local authorities spend around a billion pounds cleaning up up the rubbish that people can’t be bothered to put in a bin. But even if that isn’t shocking enough, according to figures released under Freedom of Information laws, 63,833 fines were issued in England last year compared with 727 in 1997. Have you noticed that Britain is dirtier than ever before? Bin it or pay the fine. Its pretty simple. Did you know that this system in Singapore works extremely well, so there’s no reason why it can’t here.

The ultra of throwaway consumerism fuels a ‘litter epidemic’. People just expect to leave their rubbish wherever they like, without a cost, as a right, but this must be stopped! Beer can in your front garden left by drunk guy last night is just the tip of the iceberg. The problem is of titanic proportions. We simply cannot afford any longer to carry on picking up the bill for picking up litter. Enough is enough!!! But we need to act now until its not too late! It is time for the Government, businesses and the rest of the population to make a choice which side of the fence are you on? ”

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