South East Asia Chapter 13

Khmer Rouge
literally ” Red (or communist) Cambodians” this left-wing insurgent group led by French=educated Marxist rebelled against the royal Cambodian government in the early 1960’s and again in a peasants’ revolt in 1967.
lingua France
an agreed-upon common language to facilitate communication on specific topics such as international business, politics, sports, or entertainment.
A wide variety of tribal religions that generally focuses on nature’s spirits and human ancestors
Literally “sons of the soil” the name given to the native Malay, who are given preference for jobs and schooling by the Malaysian government
One of the two main epic poems of the Hindu religion
Very large sea waves induced by earthquakes
Shifted cultivators
Migrants, with or without agricultural experience, who are transplanted by the government relocation schemes
An international organization linking together the ten most important countries of southwest Asia
The name given to tropical hurricanes in the western Pacific
The relocation of a nations population from one location to another within its national territory
Domino Theory
A US geopolitical policy of the 1960’s and 1970’s that stemmed from the assumption that if Vietnam fell to the communist, the rest of southeast Asia would soon fallow.
Golden triangle
An area of northern Thailand, Burma, and Laos that is known as a major source region for heroin and is plugged into the global trade.
crony capitalism
A system in which close friends of a political leader are either legally or illegally given business advantages in return for their political support
A city and port that specializes in the transshipment of goods
Also called “shifting cultivation” or “slash-and-burn agriculture”; a form of cultivation in which forests or brushy plots are cleaned of vegetation, burned, then planted to crops, only to be abandoned a few years later as soil fertility declines.
Rugged terrain on the mainland and thousands of islands
best describes the physical geography of Southeast Asia
A tsunami
was the environmental hazard that caused tremendous loss of life and property in December 2004
is the most prevalent environmental damage in southeast Asia
Tropical Humid
is the climate type that dominates Southeast Asia
Is the most common agriculture in the uplands of southeast Asia
Brunei, Singapore, and Thailand
are all below replacement level, based on their TFR
European colonists, Muslim merchants, and immigrants from China and South Asia
Are all groups of foreign influences on Southeast Asia
What attracted the earliest Europeans (the Portuguese) to southeast Asia?
Nutmeg and cloves
The Netherlands
Became the dominant Colonial European dominate power in Southeast Asia
The Philippines
Was a colony of the United States from 1898 till 1946
Which country of southeast Asia had its culture most profoundly changed by European colonization?
The Philippines, by the Spanish
What was the name of the theory that held that if Vietnam fell to communists, so would neighboring countries and perhaps all of southeast Asia?
The Domino Theory
What is ASEAN’s core mission?
To prevent countries from outside southeast Asia from gaining undue influence in the region.
What southeast Asian countries have had the greatest development successes in the region?
Singapore and Malaysia
What is the nature of the correlation between economic and social indicators in southeast Asia?
Countries with favorable economic indicators tend to have favorable social indicators.

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