Solutions to Organizational Challenges: a Capstone Experience Essay Example
Solutions to Organizational Challenges: a Capstone Experience Essay Example

Solutions to Organizational Challenges: a Capstone Experience Essay Example

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  • Published: July 29, 2017
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CSI 3000, a small building enterprise established in 2010 by Rey Rivera, aims to become the top Minority-Owned Contractor in the Chicago-land Region. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and provides superior Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) options to owners through its expertise in the construction business. Its target market includes large general contractors who require reliable solutions to fulfill diversity goals and meet MBE demands. CSI 3000 caters to various sectors including Governmental, Industrial, Residential, Civil and Commercial from its office located in the Pilsen community of Chicago. With a range of equipment at its disposal such as shit trucks, bay lynxs, excavators, hydraulic roars and concrete compactors; CSI 3000 ensures efficient delivery of services within budget and on schedule while maintaining cost effectiveness which allows it to compete with other well-established contractors. Being signatories to several brotherhoods gives them an


added advantage since they have a team of highly skilled professionals in project management, estimating and trade backgrounds. The company values continued site safety training as well as integrating new technology into their processes.CSI 3000 is a concrete building company that serves clients from various industries, including residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors. Development companies rely on CSI 3000 for new home construction needs such as pavements, garage tablets, kerb & troughs. Meanwhile, government sectors require their services for building additions to public offices and universities. To ensure cost effectiveness, CSI 3000 leverages relationships with material providers for ready mix, trucking services, tools and equipment. Customer satisfaction is ensured by confirming with current and past clients for referrals and recommendations while meeting all client demands within budget and timing constraints. With strong supplier relationships in

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place, CSI 3000 maintains low market costs hence saving clients money.

In April 2012, the company became part of a joint venture with Abbey Paving which secured financial stability to better serve client needs. In terms of competition; three to five primary rivals in the industry have been identified by CSI 3000 who distinguish their product based on features quality affordability accessibility and brand image. Distinguishing factors are important to customers because it sets the company apart from its competitors. According to Mr Rivera (2013), building relationships is crucial for remaining competitive and profitable in this industry located in Chicagoland region where it operates at competitive prices across different industries it serves.Maintaining client satisfaction is crucial for continued employment. A lasting bond can be created by presenting clients with cost-saving options. Mr. Rivera's previous position as a Project Manager for a non-profit organization led to connections with contractors such as Walsh, Wight, and Paschen, who supported him after he left his job. This support allowed CSI 3000 to compete within three years against well-established concrete companies like Scurto Construction, DeGraf Builders, and Reliable Construction while keeping costs low and ensuring quality work. CSI 3000's competitive advantage was established through strong relationships with fellow industry contractors. The company's solid capital position and dependable resources enable them to remain competitive in the construction business into the future. To achieve long-term sustainability goals, CSI 3000 intends to focus on their market niche and specialize in their area of expertise entering the 2013 building season debt-free.CSI 3000, a renowned concrete contractor, aims to remain competitive in the industry by establishing reputable partnerships amidst market changes. Their subcontracting services are known

for guaranteeing quality, productivity, and success in meeting project goals. CSI 3000's ability to deliver high-quality construction and financial results ensures a secure business model that may even set the foundation for more traditional funding relationships. Using the five "P's" of marketing, it can be concluded that their product is valuable due to its reliability and ability to provide high-quality subcontracting services. As a Minority Business Enterprise recognized in Chicago, where limited companies offer quality services to help clients achieve project goals, many general contractors seek our sought-after services at a premium rate. We operate within Chicagoland area with an abundance of work available on our company website which provides detailed information on our services, past clients' feedbacks while highlighting safety records and contact details through email or phone calls direct with us. Our staff values positive client relationships we have built over time while also playing crucial roles in their future business development plans.Our direct interactions with clients are crucial to our growth. The Market Position Analysis compares a company's merchandise position with its competitors in terms of consumer needs, ratings, and evaluations. The evaluation is presented in a table ranging from 0-2, where 0 means "need not met," 1 means "partially met," and 2 means "fully met." Quality (2-2-1-2-1-2), Monetary value (2-1-1-1-2-1), Availability (2-1-1-1-0-2), Features (1–2–0–2–1–0), Functions (2–1–0–2–0–25) and Brand Image (12 – 21 – 12). The company's overall score is 1094.

The narrative/comments reveal that the company has challenging monetary values to beat, but its brand image isn't as well-known compared to its competition. Scurto Construction comes close in terms of monetary values but is unavailable during winter months. They're known for consistent

work but also drive up monetary values during building due to Change Orders being a concern for several years.

Reliable Construction is recognized for low monetary values and reliable work; however, they inflate them during building while having high monetary values. Ultimately, DeGraf Builders is a family-owned business that has been around for some time known mostly for their high monetary values but good workmanship.CSI 3000 is a website that discusses the creation of concrete possibilities, and an article by Rivera (2013) published on September 10 is another source of information. During the interview, B. Arteaga discusses their role as the chief executive officer with .

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