sociology module 2 test

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based oon research around the world, Paul Elkman concludes that people everywhere express how many basic emotions? 4
Ekman claims that a major function of emotions is to….. 4
support group life by building connections with others
Cultures differ in terms of……….. 4
all responses are correct
Arlie Russell Hoschild explains that companies typically….. 4
try to control the emotions of workers
In the “iron law of oligarchy,” Robert Michels stated that the bureaucracy always means…… 5
the few rule many
Which of these is NOT evidence of the process called the “McDonaldization” of society?…. 5
many new jobs demand creativity and imagination
What do sociologists call two or more people who identify and interact with one another?… 5
a social group
What is the correct sociological term for all people with a common status, such as “college students”?….. 5
a category
A temporary, loosely formed collection of people who may or may not interact is a…. 5
Imagine you are watching several dozen passengers sitting in an airport gate area waiting to board a plane. These people are an example of a…. 5
Why did Cooley refer to some groups as “primary groups”?….5
all responses are correct
Which of the following is every society’s MOST important primary group?….5
the family
A secondary group is a social group that…5
is impersonal and engages in some specific activity
Read the list of traits below. Which of these traits is NOT a characteristic of secondary groups?…. 5
members have a personal orientation
In general, we see_____ as a means to an end; we see _______ as an end in itself… 5
a secondary group; a primary group
What is the term for group leadership that emphasizes the completion of tasks?….5
instrumental leadership
which concept refers to group leadership that emphasizes collective well-being?….5
expressive leadership
You are part of a task force with a group leader who has a distant relationship with the group members and who is concerned with getting the job done. Which type of leader does your task force have?….5
an instrumental leader
In your group, the leader is skilled at using humor to reduce tension and lighten serious moments. Which type of leader does your group have?… 5
an expressive leaader
Which type of leadership style takes charge of making decisions and make sure people do what they are told?…. 5
authoritarian leadership
Which type of leader encourages everyone in a group to have a say in what happens?… 5
democratic leader
What type of leaders downplay their own power, letting the group function more or less on its own?… 5
laissez-faire leaders
Solomon Asch’s research, in which subjects were asked to match lines, showed that…. 5
group membership has the power to generate conformity
Which is NOT an expression of groupthink?… 5
the group seeks diverse members and ends up being unable to reach a consensus
Which type of social group commands a member’s esteem and loyalty?… 5
an in-group
A social group toward which a person feels competition or opposition is which of the following?… 5
an out-group
Which of the following is typically true of a social network?… 5
networks are “fuzzy” groups made up of a people we “know of” rather than those we know well
Formal organizations are…. 5
large secondary groups with a goal orientation
Which type of formal organization do people join in order to obtain money and other material benefits?…. 5
utilitarian organization
Assume you are a parent of a child in school. From your point of view, what type of organization is a school’s parent-teacher association (PTA)?…..5
A normative organization
Max Weber noted many traits of bureaucracy. Which of the following list is NOT one of them?….5
favoring family members over strangers
Max Weber argued that formal organizations were efficient, but he cautioned that they can have harmful effects on people. As he saw it, what is the danger?…. 5
organizations create alienation
What is Robert Merton’s term for a preoccupation with rules and regulations to the point of keeping an organization from accomplishing its goals?… 5
bureaucratic ritualism
The emergency room clerk who keeps a bleeding patient waiting while filling out lots of paperwork is a classic example of bureaucratic…. 5
Which of these concepts was used by Robert Michels to refer to the rule of the many by the few?… 5
The basic idea behind scientific management is that… 5
applying scientific principles can make a business more efficient
According to Deborah Tannen, what traits make up a “female advantage”?… 5
all responses are corect
Think about the process of McDonaldization. Looking at the list below, which one of the traits in NOT linked to McDonaldization?….5

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