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ISM Ch10 & Ch11

question Agile Development answer an adaptive project management process based on the changes in requirements, frequently deliver working version of projects, work closely with customers, design as you go, test as you go, can be used for business process,information system, and application development question Application answer same thing as application software question As-is Model answer […]

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Chapter 3 – Physical Layer – Business Data Communications ; Networking 10th Edition

question Network circuits answer physical media and special purpose devices for networking, such as cables, routers, and hubs question Physical circuits answer connect devices and include actual wires question Logical circuits answer transmission characteristics of the circuit question digital data answer binary produced by a computer and passed along a circuit question analog data answer […]

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Word chapter 3 quiz

question Business documents can include all of the following EXCEPT answer journals question ____, like the kind in the accompanying figure, is a predefined graphic. answer Clip art question A(n) ____, like the one in the accompanying figure, is a separate window that enables you to carry out some Word tasks more efficiently. answer task […]

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US History Chapter 17 – Flashcards with Answers

question Natural Resources answer US is almost self-reliant with the exception of Uranium We have coal and is doubled every year from 1840 to 1890 Iron Ore extensive canal systems allowed iron ore to be moved from mining areas to cities for smelting and manufacturing Petroleum western Pennsylvania oil fields begin producing commercially viable amounts […]

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Understanding Business 10th Edition – Chapter 13

question Marketing answer The activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. question Marketing Concept answer A three-part business philosophy: customer orientation, service orientation and profit orientation. question Customer relationship management (CRM) answer The process of learning as much […]

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Texas Government–best one

question What is the most important communication tool during a campaign? answer Television Ads question According to studies, negative commercials… answer Draw voter preference away from the candidate being attacked question Organizations created to collect and distribute contributions to political campaigns are referred to as… answer Political Action Committees question What is false about the […]

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Flashcards About Supreme Court Cases

question Schenck v. US (1919) answer – Decision upholding the conviction of a socialist who had urged young men to resist the draft during World War I. Justice Holmes declared that government can limit speech if the speech provokes a “clear and present danger” of substantive evils. question Feiner v. New York (1951) answer – […]

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sociology module 2 test

question based oon research around the world, Paul Elkman concludes that people everywhere express how many basic emotions? 4 answer six question Ekman claims that a major function of emotions is to….. 4 answer support group life by building connections with others question Cultures differ in terms of……….. 4 answer all responses are correct question […]

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SCM 486 Exam 2

question The _________ function is taking on increasing importance in today’s industrial economy. financial purchasing marketing human resources operations answer purchasing question Since materials constitute the largest single percentage of their purchasing dollars, _____________ firms have turned to professionally operated purchasing departments to make sure they are getting full value for their outlays on materials. […]

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Quiz 14

question Most politicians avoid social media out of concern that it is an undignified and inappropriate way to connect with citizens answer False question In 1983, 90 percent of Americans media were owned by fifty companies. In 2012, how many companies controlled 90 percent of American media? answer Six question How do some analysts explain […]

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Principles of business chap. 12

question false answer all income that a business receives over a period of time is called profit question true answer to prepare a budget, a business must be able to identify and predict the amount of each source of income and each type of expense question false answer an operating business will determine if a […]

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Personal Selling- 3

question Which of the following is the most common categorization of buyers: answer Consumer and business question Members of the business markets include: answer Firms, institutions, and governments question Which of the following is not a characteristic that distinguishes business markets from consumer markets? answer Buyers make purchase decisions more often question Which of the […]

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Online Economics Final Exam- Multiple Choice

question Economic decisions involve doing what with resources to produce goods and services for people to consume? A. Allocating B. Marginalizing C. Renewing D. Satisfying answer A. Allocating question Economics is about the production of goods and services, which requires the allocation of what? A. Benefits B. Consumption C. Resources D. Utility answer C. Resources […]

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Mrkting 3150 Chapter 7 Quiz

question Hospitals, schools, and religious organizations are examples of __________ buyers. answer institutional question The buying decision is likely to be most complex and take longest to complete in a(n) __________ B2B buying situation. answer new buy question After need recognition and product specification, many firms using the B2B buying process answer issue a request […]

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MKT300 Ch. 11
25 Aug 2020 Database

question A product can be _______. answer Anything question What is a product? answer A good, service, or an idea received in an exchange. Includes function, social, & psychological utilities and benefits. Also includes supporting services such as installations, guarantees, product information, etc. question Consumer Products answer Products purchased to satisfy personal and family wants […]

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MIS 375 – Chapter 1
23 Aug 2020 Database

question Business Model answer A business model describes how a company produces, delivers, and sells a product or service to create wealth. question Information Technology (IT) answer Information technology ( IT) consists of all the hardware and software that a firm needs to use in order to achieve its business objectives. question Information System (IS) […]

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MGT Test 3 – Flashcards with Answers

question Which of the following is the systematic process through which managers regulate organizational activities? answer Organizational control question Which of the following is a comprehensive management control system that balances traditional financial measures with operational measures related to a company’s critical success factors? answer Balanced scorecard question In the balanced scorecard, what type of […]

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MGMT Exam 2

question innovation streams answer Patterns of innovation over time that can create sustainable competitive advantage are called: question compression answer The __________ approach to managing innovation assumes that innovation is a predictable process made up of a series of steps and that compressing the time it takes to complete those steps can speed up innovation […]

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MGMT 304 Chapter 8

question Writing for social media requires a different approach from traditional media. Which of the following tips should you NOT follow for creating successful content for social media? answer If you need to promote something, do so blatantly and directly. question Which of the following answers has NOT been the result of careless messages on […]

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Marketing Chapter 7 Flashcards

question Business-to-business marketing involves buying and selling goods or services by all of the following EXCEPT A. manufacturers. B. consumers. C. retailers. D. producers. E. wholesalers. answer B question Derek bought a pick-up truck to transport his equipment to fishing tournaments. He also bought a pick-up for his lawn maintenance business. His purchases were A. […]

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Management of Care A

question An RN from the pediatric unit is assigned to the psychiatric unit. Which of the following patient assignments is the most appropriate for the reassigned nurse? answer A patient diagnosed with depression with a decrease appetite question The nurse receives a call from the emergency management team that a bomb exploded on a train […]

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Macro Test #2

question Product quality has improved. answer Under what circumstances do rates of economic growth understate the growth of economic well-being? question move toward more democratic forms of government. answer Countries that have experienced modern economic growth have also tended to: question Africa answer Which of the following economic regions has experienced the least growth in […]

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