sociology 101 quiz 4

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A drastic type of adult socialization that may occur when adults change environments is known as:
A recognizable social position that an individual occupies, such as “student” or “professor,” is known as a:
A single mother who is experiencing incompatibility within her role, such as dealing with sleep deprivation and spending quality time with her children, may be experiencing which of the following?
role strain
According to Charles Horton Cooley, we develop a self-concept by:
interpreting how others think about us.
According to Goffman, we all try to make good impressions on others and we actively work to ensure that others believe they are doing the same.
impression management.
According to impression management, the backstage arena would include:
where we are our “private selves” and where the real story takes place.
All of the statuses that an individual occupies at any given time constitute his or her:
status set.
Although there are many agents of socialization, four of the primary ones are:
family, schools, peers, and media.
An ascribed status is:
a status a person has little or no control over
Children like Anna, who have experienced long periods of isolation, illustrate how:
“human nature” is the result of a complex relationship between nature (biology) and nurture (the social environment

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