Social Movement about Animal Cruelty Essay Example
Social Movement about Animal Cruelty Essay Example

Social Movement about Animal Cruelty Essay Example

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  • Published: December 20, 2021
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Society is dynamic and is always affected by both external and internal factors. Social change is inevitable for a society which is considered active. Social scientists believe that, a society that does not accept change is dead. One of the factors that lead to social change is the social movements. There are a variety of social movements including utopian, migratory, expressive, reform and revolutionary movements. Every movement has a purpose and cause. This paper is about animal social movements.

The animal rights movement

Protection and prevention of animals against cruelty can be traced back in early 19th century. The animal protection rights movement was established to fight and advance the rights animals. It is a movement that tends to remind people that animals have rights too and hence therefore they should not be subjected to any form of brutality. The movement therefore e


xists to act as a cautioning factor to those who have a tendency of mistreating their animals.

The goals of the animal rights movement

The main goal of this movement is to ensure that all animals, irrespective of the category they belong to, are not subjected to cruelty. Its objective is to make sure that animals are not susceptible to brutality.
The main beneficiaries of this movement are the animals. The movement is supposed to ensure that animals are kept in a clean and conducive environment. Through the movement, the animals will obtain a right to be treated when it becomes sick. In addition, the nation will earn revenue from tourism industry if the animals have the capacity to attract international tourists. This justifies the existence of the organization.

Animal protection organization

The animal protection organization is an international organizatio

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based in United States. The organization is mandated with the power to protect animals from been killed, harmed or even exposed to brutality. The organization makes use both on ground work and online tactics. It makes its campaigns against animal cruelty. The organization enjoys quite a number of resources at its commands quite a big area and is funded by major international banks such as the World Bank. Animal protection organization works in partnership with different governments, non-profit organizations and individuals whose agent is to protect animals.

The organization has an online site where it facilitates some of its activities. The websites hosts a number of platforms where individuals can contribute freely to matters related to animal protection. Most of the campaigns are facilitated via the organization’s website. The website has an individual’s log in section and discussion podium. An individual can share ideas, opinions, and suggestions or even report a problem via the website. The website is all inclusive since it ensures that all participants are kept active. The website will link with several social Medias such as Facebook, YouTube and twitter in order reach as many people as possible. There will be also links to major partners such as that of the national government. The site will allow members to register online in order to become members of the organization and participate fully in all discussions. However, there will be annual meetings where members will meet physically to discuss the achievements and challenges faced.

The organization takes into account rules and regulations regarding rearing of animals. The staffs comprise of trained and experienced personnel who understands the rights of animals. Inclusive in the staffs

are the security officers who will assist in maintaining law and order. The employees are well prepared for their job. Besides, the organization keeps animals to act as a role model to other institutions, individuals and all major stakeholders. Every person has a role to play in the society to ensure that animal rights are not violated and that the all rules and regulations are adhered to.

Resource mobilization theory

Success of any movement requires utilization of money and human capital. There must be a strategy to mobilize all relevant resources to attain the set goals. Sources of the resources can be the activists themselves, organizations, the government, unions and personal networks. The collective action and influence makes a movement effective. Animal protection organization will employ extra institutional tactics to attain the anticipated change. Other tactics that can be appropriately used includes posters, strikes and petitions. Those tactics are described as non-violent.

Leveraging the affordances of the animal protection organization

The organization has a strong base upon which it can rely on call support from. It covers the whole world and hence it draws its forces globally. The organization will have a greater impact on campaigning against violence, brutality and exposure of animals to harsh environment conditions. Most of the activities that have been organized by the organization in the past have shown tremendous success. The leveraging is therefore excellently done. The activism facilitated by this organization can be described as huge since it uses supersize approach to handle things. The activities are done after consideration of international issues and an analysis of all inherent barriers is done. This activism can therefore be categorized as supersize.

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