Social Media Marketing Quiz Material

social shopping
refers to situations where customers interact with others during a shopping event online
share tools
social software plug-ins that enable easy sharing of products sold on a retailer’s website to social networks
recommendation indicators
simple buttons that provide an onsite endorsement of a product
a form of recommendation that enables users to share a more personal story about their experience, possibly as a video endorsement
user gallery
virtual gallery where users can share their creations, shopping lists, and wish-lists
lists that help shoppers share what they want onsite, typically in the form of a wishlist
popularity filters
filters that enable the shopper to show products by most popular, most viewed, most favorite, or most commented
user forms
group of people who meet online to communicate about products and help each other solve related problems
accept organic WOM
acknowledge opinions that were invited, incentivized, or facilitated
enable consumers to rate the value of opinions
encourage consumers to rate the value of opinions
acknowledge the value of consumer opinions
make it easy to share
remember opinions online live on in perpetuity
primary research
information already collected and available for use
secondary research
collected for the research purposes at hand
social media research
application of scientific marketing research principles to the collection and analysis of social media data such that valid and reliable results are produced
observational research
observing and recording behavior or residual evidence of behavior
collecting conversations according to established criteria
sentiment analysis
also known as “opinion mining” ; attitudinal research
content analysis
used to identify the presence of concepts and themes within qualitative data sets
echo effect
“online echo”
duplication in conversation volume that tends to occur in social media spaces
participation effect
when only some people are participating and/or some are participating at a higher rate

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