Site Specific Security Survey

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There are different security survey approaches depending on the area or site o which the security survey is being conducted; security survey conducted on a residential building will definitely differ from that conducted on a computer data. However, some aspects of security survey are universal and therefore applicable across all areas of fields. For instance, a rule of the thumb to security survey is the restriction of entry of unauthorized persons into the premises.

Depending on the nature of the site and the security threat, security survey will involve the addition of extra security personnel e. . the police, private security officers, fire fighters, emergency medical workers, and public health workers. These personnel will need to be trained in order to combat all forms of security threats; they will also need to work extra hours to make sure that the site is well secured. Sophisticated equipment will also be purchased in order to handle any security threat. It will also involve addition of budgetary allocations to cater for the increased personnel and increased surveillance services.

For example, terrorist related threats such as bombing or biological warfare will require extra personnel, who are highly trained and armed with sophisticate equipments and prepared to work

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for long hours. [Morial et al, (2002)] In a school setting, a security survey involves collecting information on the state of security relative to the school’s responsibility of providing a safe learning environment, training and supporting personnel responsible for the prevention of violence, and proper responses to violence and proper protective measures.

The core idea is always to reduce the risk factors and stabilize them while increasing prevention and protection factors and stabilizing them. [Positive Behavior Supports Surveys] A security survey of a building protection will involve a number of measures such as; protecting keys to all doors against duplication. Only authorized people should be allowed to access the building, and that the receptionist should be in a position to monitor of people around the building.

Exits should also be clearly marked and hallways should have battery powered lights, and that they should not be obstructed for easy exit in times of emergency. Buildings should be installed with alarm systems and CCTVs to help monitor the movements of all the people, especially suspicious looking ones. Employees’ entry and exit times data should be kept for use in future investigations incase of a security breach. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations institutions are responsible for the provision of security to their students, employees and visitors.

This can be made possible by safely keeping sensitive customer or organization information, and disposing of the same properly. Fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and emergency preparedness kits should be readily available. [Safety and Security Survey in the Scenario] The Bureau of Justice Statistics points out that, computer crimes are on the increase with many people loosing money through computer fraud. In 2005 there were 7818 cases reported and that many more others going unreported.

The report shows computer virus infections was the most prevalent crime. Part of security survey encompasses the nature and extend of computer crime, monetary costs and other consequences, incident details such as type of offenders, and computer security measures taken. Computer machines should be protected from power surges by providing battery back up systems. Accessed by unauthorized persons to computers should be discouraged through the use of access codes and computer screens should not be left unattended.

When tragedy strikes while in the workplace, workers may get affected and therefore lose concentration. Employers are therefore advised to make sure the workers are safe; they should cut people some slack by giving them time to digest the effects of the tragedy, should assess individual involvement of employees, and should supply the workers with enough information about the tragedy. The employers should be sympathetic, empathetic, and at the same time should be security minded. [Heathfield (2009)]

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