SG 6,7,8

Web-based retailing
The fastest-growing form of direct marketing is _____.
direct marketing
A customer orders products by mail, phone, or fax in _____
Products can be examined prior to purchase
Which of the following is not a major benefit to direct marketing for a retailer?
social class
Income, occupation, and education are important components of _____
The element of perceived risk that relates to product safety is _____ risk
consumer behavior
The process whereby individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how, and from whom to purchase goods and services is _____.
Clothing buyers have been categorized as clothes horses, bargain hunters, image seekers, and shopping-averse consumers. This divides shoppers by _____.
poverty of time
A retailer has begun to pre-wrap gift items and to re-deploy checkout personnel to reduce waiting times. The retailer is responding to which demographic and lifestyle factor?
both demographic and lifestyle data
A shopper profile should ideally contain _____.
A retailer, through its extensive selection and high service levels, is able to attract shoppers from long distances. This phenomenon is known as _____.
the use of intuition
An example of nonsystematic retailing research is _____.
data warehousing
Copies of all the data bases in a company are maintained in one location and accessible to employees at any locale through _____.
An application of data mining is _____.
store and monitor product sales data on an item-by-item basis
The Universal Product Code (UPC) system allows a retailer to _____.
electronic data interchange
Retailers and their suppliers can regularly exchange information relating to inventory levels, delivery times, and unit sales through _____
a retail information system
A mail-order retailer found that its percent of loyal customers (those ordering $100 or more of merchandise in two consecutive years) has declined from 15 percent to 8 percent. Which form of marketing research was the retailer utilizing?
the continuous nature of data collection and analysis
A major advantage of a retail information system is _____.
data-base management
Frequent shopper programs and customer and vendor analysis are made possible through _____.
have been previously gathered for other purposes
The major distinction between primary and secondary data is that secondary data _____.
internal secondary data
A retailer has a data base of past sales by size distribution. This data base is used as a guide in ordering decisions. The data base is an example of _____.
inventory records
A retailer can generate data on merchandise turnover, order lead time, and availability of goods by examining _____.

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