Seeing Poverty After Katrina

Sometimes it takes an unfortunate event or even a crisis for people to realized many things. This is exactly what happened when hurricane Katrina affected numerous places in the United States and brought disastrous consequences to the lives of many people. Numerous citizens lost their homes as well as other properties and even worse are the lives that this natural calamity took. Many people recognized the mistakes that they have done in the past like taking environmental concerns for granted.

However, this disaster has also paved the way for other issues to become more prominent and recognizable like the persisting concern of social inequality. Racial discrimination has been one of the most controversial social problems in the United States. It started way back during the country’s history and it still continues up to this time. The post-hurricane Katrina had open the public’s eyes to urban poverty in various states in America like in New Orleans. According to Dr. David Hilfiker (2006), these poor communities already existed even before the calamity happened and these are mostly composed of African Americans and Hispanics.

In line with this, he even argued that this incident took place because of the structural inequality that exists in the country. This is seen in federal programs, which unfairly benefited its citizens as it puts African Americans and other race in a disadvantageous position. This only goes to show that the country that adheres to the principles of liberty and equality is not substantially implementing and practicing these values but rather it remains as mere concepts. The real idea of equality will never be fully realized as long as there are privileged groups or race of people and those that are discriminated upon.

As long as a particular group possesses privileged position wherein they are favored while others have to suffer inhumane living conditions, justice will never be achieved. This kind of injustice continues due to the lack of awareness of people of how important this issue is. Most people with the same race tend to interact only among each other that is why they lack the necessary knowledge in order to understand other groups of people. Due to this, the disparity among them persists and this is observable on how they tend to alienate people who do not belong to their social circle.

In order to achieve equality, changes should be made and this should start within the people of the country. However, it could not be easily achieved especially in getting the cooperation of those privileged group. They will not easily give up the position that they have but they could be convince and encourage in establishing a more harmonious relationship with other races. These various groups should interact in order to understand each other better. This could be one great step towards the achievement of a just and humane society.