Section 1: The Industrial Revolution Spreads

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Henry Bessemer
British engineer who invented a way to make steel from iron
Alfred Nobel
Invented dynamite, which was used in both construction and warfare. He also created the Nobel Prize
Michael Faraday
English chemist who created the first electric motor and the first dynamo
A machine that generates electricity
Thomas Edison
American inventor who created the lightbulb
Interchangeable Parts
Identical components that can be used in place of one another
Assembly Line
Division of labor where each part of the process is assigned to a different worker
Orville and Wilbur Wright
American inventors who created the first airplane capable of flight
Guglielmo Marconi
Italian inventor who created the radio
Share in a company
Business owned by many investors who buy shares of stock
When a group of corporations join together to fix prices
2. How did science, technology, and big business promote industrial growth
All allowed industries to increase their efficiency and production, since it was easier to mass produce an item; caused industrialization to spread across the world
3. How did the Industrial Revolution spread in the 1800s
The Industrial Revolution started early 1800s with Britain then later Germany and the United States emerged as new industrial powers. These two countries had large supplies of coal, iron and other resources than Britain, which helped them become the new industrial leaders and they borrowed Britain’s experts and technology.
4. How did technology help industry expand
It allowed industries to work longer and more effectively.
5. How did the need for capital lead to new business organizations
Because companies needed a lot of capital (money), they created stocks. Since so many investors bought stock, businesses formed corporations
6. How might government change as a result of industrialization
Governments may have to create new regulations for rapidly expanding corporations and/or factories

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