Sculpture and Installation Ch. 11

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A sculpture that projects from a background surface and is meant to be viewed frontally is called a:
A freestanding sculpture that can be viewed from any angle is known as a:
in-the-round sculpture
The defining characteristic of sculpture is the idea of:
The four categories for sculptural processes are:
The carving process is:
a subtractive process
is more than direct casting
is more aggressive than modeling
The sculpture “The Scraper” is an idealized figure from which civilization?
Which concept conceives of a space and everything in it is a work of art?
Installation sculpture
What is a high relief sculpture?
A sculpture’s form that projects more highly from the background.
What is a material that is popular for modeling and easily manipulated?
What is the the key difference between the process of lost-wax casting as practiced in ancient times and that same process today?
Today, multiples can be made from that procces
What is an Earthwork Sculpture?
A work of art made for a specific place using natural materials found there, especially the Earth itself
Why was sculpting the human figure so widely done?
Humans wanted to leave a part of themselves behind.
To portray a being in sculpture is to bring it into the world, to give a presence that is close to life itself.
Memorialize heroes.
Religious Reasons.
Used in African sculpture/shrines.

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