SAR 320 Exercise Physiology

The first scientific journal to publish exercise physiology articles was the __________
American Journal of Physiology
The professional organization with the largest number of members dedicated to exercise physiology and the exercise physiologist is the __________.
American College of Sports Medicine
Beginning in 1927, this institution established exercise physiology as an important academic discipline.
Harvard Fatigue Laboratory
Exercise physiology as an academic discipline consists of all the following distinct components except:
Knowledge that must include both anatomy and physiology
What country became the first European country to require physical training in the school curriculum?
Which of the following represented the first professional organization in the United States to include topics related to exercise physiology?
__________ created the first departmental major in Anatomy, Physiology, and Physical Training at Harvard University.
George Wells Fitz
The official journal of ACSM is __________.
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise
Which of the following is a category for the ACSM Clinical Track certifications?
Exercise Test Technologist
Dr. Thomas Kirk Cureton was a pioneering physical educator and researcher at the:
University of Illinois
The two common forms of plant polysaccharide are __________.
fiber and starch
Lipoproteins are __________.
the main structures for blood lipid transport
Major dietary sources of vitamin B12 include __________.
The two most plentiful minerals in the body are __________.
calcium and phosphorous
The largest amount of body water is located within a person’s __________.
intracellular compartment
A kilocalorie (kCal) or calorie is equal to the heat required to raise the temperature of:
1 kilogram of water 1°C
The precompetition meal should emphasize foods high in __________.
When would the ingestion of fluids induce gastric emptying?
when it is a large volume of fluids
Because of its relatively slow intestinal absorption, this sugar is purported to be a beneficial pre-exercise fuel.
To optimally provide rehydration and carbohydrate replenishment, an oral solution should ideally contain this percentage of carbohydrate.
Anabolic steroids are functionally most similar to __________.
Growth hormone does not:
lactate accumulation in muscle
Amphetamines do not
reduce blood pressure, cardiac output, and respiration rate
Which of the following is not true about caffeine?
It is banned by the IOC
This term means to enhance physiologic capacity or exercise performance:
The recommended daily maintenance intake of creatine following a loading regimen is:
2 g/day
Creatine supplementation has all of these ergogenic effects except:
it increases maximal oxygen uptake for aerobic efforts
Which statement is true about DHEA?
Chemically, it resembles both estrogen and testosterone
College student athletes, compared to nonathlete peers:
engage in more binge drinking of alcohol
Medium-chain triacylglycerols (MCT) provide:
a more rapid source of lipid fuel than long-chain counterparts
The first law of thermodynamics, as it relates to physiologic systems, dictates that energy is
Glycolytic reactions
continue in the absence of oxygen
Enzymes are not
permanently changed during a reaction
This does not possess a high-energy phosphate bond
can directly enter the glycolytic pathway
Operation of the citric acid cycle ultimately leads to energy production because of the release of
When an athlete can no longer take up additional oxygen, even though exercise intensity continues to increase, that athlete has reached his
VO2 Max
When a person exercises lightly, there is an initial rapid increase in oxygen uptake followed by levels that demonstrate that uptake is
achieving a steady-state
Fast-twitch muscle fibers
are used extensively during a 100-meter sprint
The one action that ensures the fastest recovery from steady-rate exercise is
passive-recovery methods
The fact that swim training for endurance does little to improve an athlete’s distance running supports the principle of
The best measurement of the short-term energy system activation by exercise is
blood lactate levels
All of the following are types of open-circuit, indirect calorimetric procedures except:
bomb calorimeter
The outer extremes assigned to RQ values for nutrients are 1.0 and 0.7, which coincide respectively with the values for
carbohydrate and lipid
Complete combustion of the carbohydrate in 1 L of oxygen yields about
5 kCal
All of the following are a type of test to determine VO2max except:
1- RM Test
Gross energy expenditure associated with a given activity is equal to net energy expenditure:
plus resting energy exposed
To calculate an individual’s resting daily energy expenditure (RDEE), this value is not relevant
average sleep time
Economy of effort in an athlete will be most enhanced by
working on techniques
The energy cost for traveling the same distance running as compared to swimming is roughly
In the conductive portion of the ventilator system, all of the following choices happen to air except:
it is vaporized
This decreases the effective PO2 in tracheal air by about 10 mm Hg:
This is least common among novice exercisers:
Decreased circulating H+
Pulmonary airway resistance to the flow of air most determines
airflow speed
Poiseuille’s law allows one to quantify blood
flow resistance
A hypotensive response to moderate aerobic exercise can be maintained during recovery for
12 hours
Stroke volume reaches the highest and most stable levels when a person is
In a horizontal position at rest
This blends into and joins with intramuscular tissue sheaths to form tendons.
The interconnecting network of tubular channels and vesicles within a muscle cell is called the
sarcoplasmic reticulum
When an action potential spreads over a muscle fiber surface, the sarcolemma
Endocrine glands are
No hormone is chemically classified as
a sugar
Hormonal secretion is stimulated in all of the following ways except:
Human growth hormone
facilitates protein synthesis
Hypothyroidism displays all of the following effects except:
accelerated speech and thought processes
Aldosterone is the most physiologically important
Glucagon is secreted from pancreatic
alpha cells
All of these actions are dependent on insulin except:
promoting glucose uptake in exercising muscle
All of the following are true concerning the fasting plasma glucose test except
its main value is to confirm diabetes when symptoms are present
The benefits of glucose regulation for type 2 diabetics who exercise
are greatest with regular exercise
The overload principle of physical conditioning means exercising
at intensities greater than normal
Training with targeted heart rates allows a person to easily adjust exercise
Increasing endurance training from 3 days weekly to 5 days weekly
has the most significant benefit on caloric expenditure
The dynamic method of testing for 1-RM
can be estimated using submaximal repetitions
Concentric muscle actions are associated with all of the following except:
muscle lengthening
Resistance training for the elderly and cardiac patients:
promotes strength and endurance if of moderate intensity
Variable resistance training equipment
helps muscles generate maximum force through all movement phases
When protective clothing becomes wet it loses much of its ability to
Electrolyte additions to fluid replacement solutions
help sustain a person’s thirst drive and plasma volume
Acute mountain sickness (AMS) does not
develop as frequently with gradual acclimatization to altitude
The body component with the lowest density (0.90) is
Comparing the Behnke reference man model to the Behnke reference woman model, the woman model has larger
fat content
The Behnke concept of minimal body mass in women incorporates this percentage of essential fat:
The Siri Equation is a formula that estimates a person’s
body fat percentage
Skinfold measurements ideally should be
read to the nearest 0.5 mm
Waist girth
can complement BMI in predicting health risk
Age-specific demarcations for obesity are
counteracted by high levels of physical activity
Using BMI classifications, obesity is defined as beginning at this value.
The following choice represents a prudent dietary approach to weight loss:
reducing daily energy intake to 500 kCal less than expenditure
The most successful weight loss programs include:
all of the choices
Proportionately, the fastest growing age group in the U.S. is those:
more than 100 years old
Current assessment of physical fitness includes all of the following except:
measurements of speed and power
Lack of weight-bearing exercise as a child may predispose an adult to:
Compared to men, women who have a heart attack:
are less likely to survive coronary artery bypass surgery
Optimal LDL and HDL levels according to the National Cholesterol Education Program are:
less than 100, less than 60
This does not commonly result from reduced myocardial blood supply:
The heart valve that can undergo prolapse, which often leads to fatigue during exercise, is the
mitral valve
An extra QRS complex without a corresponding P wave indicates:
premature ventricular contractions
Absolute contraindications to GXT include all of the following except:
history of chest pain
Cardiac catheterization:
measures pressure gradients within heart chambers

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