S-12 S-13 Standpipe and Sprinkler Practice Questions

“Fail Safe” when referred to in locks, means
that the door can be opened if the power fails

Where does the on-duty Building Evacuation Supervisor report when an alarm is activated?
To the Fire Command Station ( To act as Fire Safety Director when the FSD or a Deputy FSD is not required to be on duty).

“RCNY” is the abbreviation for
Rules of the City of New York

A fire alarm box is painted plain red (no stripe). When it is activated, an alarm will be sent
within the building

Which of the following is a member of the Fire Brigade?
-Deputy Fire Safety, Fire Safety Director, Fire Warden
None of the above.

The function of the lower check valve is to
prevent back flow into the water main.

The minimum distance of travel between fire extinguisher in a non-sprinkled class E building is
75 feet

How must elevator banks and stairways be designed?
By letters in any order.

Which of the following is required to be performed every 90 days?
Inspection/Cleaning of Range Hood Ducts and Filters

A multipurpose fire extinguisher can be used on
Class A, B, and C fires.

How long must the alarm log book be kept?
3 years

One morning you are notified the roof gravity tank heater has burned out. Which of the following are you required to notify?
Building Owner

The function of the upper check valve is to prevent
Back flow into the gravity tank

The primary duty of a fire brigade is to
evacuate occupants of building

How often must communication to Central Station from the FSC be checked ?

If the stem extends from an OS&Y valve, it is an indication that the valve is

What is a “blind” shaft way?
A floor where elevator cannot stop because there are no hoist way doors.

Which of the following is NOT true about stairway pressurization?
Required in addition to sprinklers.

How often must sprinkler heads be changed?
Only after activation

Elevators will be recalled by any of the following except
Manual pull station. Another vandalism-type prevention.

Which is true about plenums and raceways?
Plenums are in ceiling and Raceways are in floors

Which of the following is NOT required duty of Deputy Fire Safety Directors?
Maintain records as required by law

Which of the following would be considered inflammable?
Puddle of gasoline

What is a roof manifold used for?
Fight roof fires, Testing water flow

Which of the following is NOT required of floor wardens?
Certificate of Fitness

The 17th floor of a fully sprinklered J1 building has an area of 17,500 sq. ft. How many 2 1/2 gallons water extinguishers are required?

Which of the following is NOT the duty of the Fire Safety Director?
Provide the Fire Safety Plan

Which of the following should NOT operate in a normal manner during phase 2?
Door Open Button

A hotel is 60 ft tall and 40 sleeping rooms of which 10 are occupied. How many fire safety directors are required?

When torch operations are done, the fire watcher must check for fire
during the operations, when the operations are complete, a half hour later and a half hour after that

Diagrams require to be mounted in the hallways which show elevators, fire exits, etc. are called
floor diagrams

When a sprinkler head is said to “have fused” it means that it
was exposed to the temperature at which it was designed to activate.

Waterflow gongs are normally activated by the
Lower Check Valve

In an automatic sprinkler system where one sprinkler has exceeded its temperature rating, how many sprinklers begin to spray water?
Only the sprinkler which has exceeded its rating

Typically, a ball float would be found
on the roof

Which of the following is NOT a major defect of a sprinkler system?
Missing spare sprinkler heads

If the ball drip valve drip sunder normal conditions, it is an indication that
the lower check valve is defective

What is the function of the ball drip valve?
Prevents water from freezing in the siamese connections.

Which of the following is most likely to be found at a loading dock which is unheated and generally unattended?
Automatic Dry Sprinkler System

To continue to burn a fire requires:
Fuel, Heat and Oxygen

What is the maximum amount of time that a fabric need NOT be re-flameproofed?
3 years

How many times may a fabric be laundered before it is required to be re-flameproofed?
No times.

Which of the following is NOT true about cap colors of siamese connections?
Yellow means that there are both standpipes and non-automatic sprinklers.

Which of the following is true about the main shut off valve of an automatic sprinkler system?
Must be visually inspected weekly unless equipped with a temper switch.

Which of the following SHOULD NOT be tested during Phase 2?
Emergency Stop Button

A Class C fire (energized electrical fire), when de-energized…
becomes a Class A fire. (insulation etc. are normal burning materials when not part of a live electrical circuit)

Conduction is heat transfer by
Direct Contact

Fire Brigade members MAY attempt to extinguish fires in which phase?
Incipient (All other stages (rollover, flashover,backdraft) are too dangerous for untrained personnel to tackle.

A smoke detector activates on a floor NOT served by elevator B. What should happen to this elevator?
Nothing; it should continue to operate normally.

What color must fire alarm sending stations be painted?

What is a “sky lobby”?
The lowest elevator lobby of elevators which do not serve the ground floor.

How often are fire suppression control valves required to be checked?

Emergency power is required to operate all of the following EXCEPT
Emergency Lights (Battery Operated)

What is the maximum permitted length of hose at a hose station of standpipe system?
125 feet

Which of the following is required to be flameproofed?
Auditorium Curtains

In case of fire, when directed by the Fire Safety Director what should the alarm box runner do?
Go to the nearest FDNY alarm box, activate the alarm, respond verbally if necessary, and wait for fire engines to arrive.

A contractor tells you that he has to turn off the sprinkler system in order to replace some sprinkler heads. Which of the following are you NOT required to notify?
FDNY High Rise Unit

All are true about smoke detectors EXCEPT
visually inspected monthly.

All of the following must be done EXCEPT
Operational test of portable fire extinguishers

How often must activation of each manual sending station and verification of alarm receipt at the fire command station be done?
Semi-Annually (6 months)

Instructions for range hoods should be kept
in the kitchen at the entrance under glass

Which is true about the portable fire extinguishers?
Inspected monthly, maintenance performed annually, hydrostatically tested every five or 12 years, depending on the type.

All of the following must be checked monthly EXCEPT
Inspection/Cleaning of Range Hoods and Filters in Kitchens.

“Fail-safe” stairway door locks in a Class E building must unlock
every 4th floor

During an inspection of the sprinkler system, you notice that the sprinkler heads in one of the tenant’s areas have all been painted the same color as the ceiling. What should you do?
Have the sprinkler heads replaced.

At what temperature range will a sprinkler head rated “ordinary” operate?
135-165° F

Which statement is true ?
A scissors stairs has a standpipe at every other floor.

At every elevator landing there must be a sign reading:
“In case of fire use stairs unless otherwise instructed”

While conducting a test of smoke detectors on the 26th floor, you receive alarms from smoke detectors on the 1st and 2nd floors. What would be you best course of actions?
Acknowledge the first and second floor alarms and call in an alarm to the Fire Department.

How often must fire drills be conducted in a new Class E building?
Every three months, for the first two years of occupancy. Every six months thereafter.

The emergency generator must have enough fuel to supply the total emergency power load for at least
6 hours

Where must the lobby elevator ket switch be located?
No more than 4 feet from call button

After the fire department appears on the scene, what should the fire brigade do?
Report to the Fire Command Station

In a fully sprinklered Class E building, how large can an area be before a fire wall is required to compartment the area?
Unlimited. (The sprinkler system should suppress the fire, which allows unlimited areas. This is true only in Class E buildings.

If you’re looking at a stairway door and see a number on the door, which of the following is true?
You’re on the stair side of a door

What kind of fire extinguisher is NOT allowed in kitchens?
H2O. Water would spread the fire

Upon activation, where should the fire brigade report?
To the stairway of the floor below the fire floor

Which of the following is NOT true about the Building Evacuation Supervisor?
Is required to have a Certificate of Fitness

How many sprinkler heads must be available, and where must they be stored?
Six Spares, stored at the main shutoff valve.

Where is the fire alarm single NOT required to sound?
Building Manger’s Office

Which is NOT a required feature of a Class E fire alarm system?
Sprinkler System

When are locks allowed on elevator door?
When locks can be operated by city-wide standard elevator key. (1620 and 2642)

A Class E building has five tenants on each floor. Four have 7,500 sq. ft. each, the other has 22,500 sq. ft. How many fire wardens are required on the floor?
One for each 7,500 foot occupancies, and three for the 22,500 foot area.

In an actual emergency, how would you evacuate a handicapped person?
Take him to a designated stairway.

Which of the following keys should operate the smoke purge switch?
1620- under the direction of the Fire Department Incident Commander

Which of the following is NOT true about the fire brigade?
They use fire hoses to fight fires.

Local Law 5 is the NYC law that
regulated office buildings.

Which of the following should function during phase 1?
Safety Edge

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