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The definition of rude is: not polite; unkind, discourteous behavior. When I think of rudeness, I classify these actions into three categories: (a) bodily functions (b) verbal rudeness (c) physical actions. Bodily functions are, to me, the worst of the group. Having a weak stomach when it comes to vomit, gas odors, and feces, I get upset when I am exposed to these things deliberately.

Unless you are with your children or significant other, passing gas for others to endure is simply rude.Another rude bodily function is spitting where people have to walk. Especially when a man spits out dip (aka tobacco). Finally, on the subject, and my pet peeve number one rudest, is blowing your nose at a restaurant table. Being loud and verbally abusing to someone, even an animal who doesn’t understand the words but the tone of voice, is at most, unnecessary. Children come to mind when I ponder this thought.

I was raised to respect my elders.Saying “Yes mam, yes sir” came naturally. But kids these days will attack you with words like “Shut up and no! ” They also have a tendency to be very nasty to less fortunate individuals. I just recently had to correct my four year old daughter for blurting out “Mom, that girl is real fat! ” The kids also tease each other with name calling such as “You are so ugly! ” They taunt each other by laughing at the others misfortunes; such a rude thing to do.

My third and final category is rude actions. What I mean by actions is when an uninvited guest shows up at a party and ruins everything.Or, when a relative or friend overstays their welcome at your house is totally rude. And finally, when someone cuts you off when you’re driving. There are many more rude actions I wanted to add like cursing excessively, indecent exposure, failure to flush the toilet, interrupting while someone’s speaking, and eating with your mouth open.

But, in my own opinion, there’s nothing worse then a man at the next table blowing his nose while you’re trying to enjoy your dinner. That’s the epitome of rude!

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