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Summary-Response Rosenberg writes about superhero origin stories in his article “The Psychology Behind Superhero Origin Stories. ” He discusses “Why is every superhero movie an origin story? ” complained by Markova who said all superhero movies come from origin stories because people would like to see how an ordinary person like them become a super guy. However, Rosenberg disagreed Margarita’s view point and proposed his observation as a clinical psychologist.

Rosenberg thinks people love origin stories since it is not showing how a normal guy become super but also how the super pursing altruism rather than wealth and power. I agree with Rosenberg perspective because Markova suggested his view point Just by his personal feeling and emotion but Rosenberg pointed his view point supporting by psychology. I think people not only enjoy the result of a normal guy turning to a hero but also touch by the process how the guy struggles and confuses hen becoming a hero to either pursue personal benefits or give up the lover to save the world.

This is more like our real world and people face this kind of issues all the time. We, sometimes, need to make a decision either to sacrifice ourselves to help others or accomplish ourselves but lose other interests. According to Rosenberg surveys, there are three types of life-altering experiences, trauma, destiny, and sheer chance related to superheroes. For instance, Batman, Bruce Wayne who fought crime after seeing his parent’s murdered is an example of trauma.

I think this also happens in our society such as some people contribute themselves to take care of cancer patients because their lovers died in cancer. Although they are not real superheroes, they are, somehow, heroes for some people. Therefore, I agree people love origin stories not because how they become superheroes but because it presents the superheroes still keep their human nature just like a normal guy even when they become superheroes.

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