Risks of Surfing on the Internet

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Nowdays, almost everyone uses the internet, a life without the internet is inconceivable but there is always the Question: How safe is it, to surf on the internet? Many people from all over the world are surfing on the internet, without being careful or without knowing that there are many risks on the internet. The internet is definitely a way of a life, which is very comfortable. With the help of the Internet, you can easily buy some new clothes or or you can order anything you ant, which is definetly a reason why the internet is that popular.

A big Point of the practical using is also the way of communication. You can communicate 24 hours per day, 7 days in a week, around the world, to someone, who is many kilometres away from you, without pay any money. You can share pictures to whomever you want, while you are in holidays or kind of like that. An other big point is, that you don’t need any books or articles to learn something. With the internet, you get the Possibillity to nform yourself, to research something or to improve your knowledge about any Topics.

The internet makes the life more easier, more comfortable. You can pay with your bank account, in a way of online-banking, as i already pointed out, you can improve your knowledge, you can listen to music, watch movies, what expresses, that internet is a big part of our life. But is the internet that good? – without any mistakes and one of the greatest and safest inventions? Definitely not The safety is not that high, that you are out of danger.

You Just have to download one Song of your favourite Artist or a picture of someone, there is always a risk, that there is a virus hidden. A virus, which can destroy your computer. A virus, which is able to steal your private data, to see you through the webcam or stuff like that. Children have also a higher risk to get a viction ofa crime, they are often negligently, when it comes to downloading software or stuff like that. Hackers are able to know, where you live, to manipulate your computer and to know ll details about your privacy.

So all in all, there are many Advantages, which are helpful, but when it comes to safety, the internet can be very dangerous. I also know, that there are those risks, while you are surfing in the internet, but i love the internet and i use it in a way of preparing myself for exams in school, to watch movies or listen to music or Just to communicate to my friends, which is much easier than communicate to your friends, with writing a letter or calling with them.

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