Risk Management (FM 5-19)

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What is the regulation for Risk Management?
FM 5-19
What is Composite Risk Management?
A decision making process used to mitigate, risk associated w/all hazards that have the potential to injure or kill personnel, damage equipment, or otherwise impact mission effectiveness.
What is a hazard?
A condition with the potential to cause injury, illness, or death of personnel; damage to or loss of equipment or property; or mission degradation.
What is METTC?
M= Mission, E= Enemy, T= Terrain and weather, T= Troops and Eqipment , T = Time and C= Civilian Considerations
What are Troop Leading Procedures (TLP)?
TLP’s are sequences of activities to plan and prepare for operations.
What are the guiding principles of CRM?
1. Make decisions at the appropriate level
2. Accept no unnecessary Risk
3. Apply the process cyclically and continuously
4. Do not be risk adverse
What are the five steps in the CRM process?
1. Identify Hazards
2. Assess hazards to determine risk
3. Develop controls and make risk decisions
4. Implement Controls
5. Supervise and Evaluate
What is fratricide?
friendly fire
What are controls?
Actions taken to reduce their risk.
What form is the Composite Risk Management worksheet?
DA 7566
What does DRAW stand for?
Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet
What is fratricide?
friendly fire

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