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Riordan Manufacturing is a worldwide fortune 1000 enterprise manufacturer of plastics with sole ownership by Riordan Manufacturing Industries. Custom plastic product parts akin to beverage containers and fan parts help generate company revenue of one billion.

Riordan development and research carries out at the company’s R&D headquarters location in San Jose, California. Three additional Riordan production plants include locations in Pontiac, Michigan and Albany, Georgia with an international joint venture in Hang Zhou, China.Riordan employs a mere approximate of 550 people with company projections at $46 million a year. The U. S. Department of Defense rounds off Riordan’s primary customer basis in conjunction with aircraft and automotive manufacturers in addition to beverage makers.

Riordan has a mission to become an industry leader in the use of polymer materials to help provide solutions concerning customer goals and requirements. Better Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is necessary for Riordan to affirm resolute provisions to long-term customer needs.Riordan’s definitive goals are to guarantee positive and affirmative customer production, advance general quality standards, and evade customer drawback. Further facets undertake to sustain company growth going forward. Riordan’s can only achieve its goals by increasing profitability to benefit finances and human capital.

Employees should be well informed and supported to reduce retention so that the viability of the company is realistic.All Riordan plants link to corporate headquarters via Wide Area Network (WAN), but upgrades are necessary within the company’s IT infrastructure to ensure that Riordan Manufacturing gains the confidence of its clientele and acquires more trade in the future. Riordan must identify existent issues in all areas. The company has to initially identify issues in web security, data security, network, and physical components of the system. The Riordan current system analysis exhibits a blueprint of the current information flow of R&D headquarters throughout all three plants.

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