Reflection on Hostage Crisis Essay Example
Reflection on Hostage Crisis Essay Example

Reflection on Hostage Crisis Essay Example

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  • Published: May 30, 2018
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Physics prof. Peralta Hostage taking in Quirino Grandstand is another major problem that our country should face. It was a very traumatic experience for all Chinese and Filipino hostages inside the bus. This tragedy was the result of injustice made by the wrong decision of higher officials. Is there any person that should be blame for this hostage drama? Is it the hostage taker? Or the people behind of his back who pushed him to do this violent hostage aking?

For the side of hostage taker: The family, relatives, friends and neighbors told that Police Inspector Ronaldo Mendoza was a kind person and a police who is sincere in his duty and responsibility.

As a matter of fact, according to their chairman that Mendoza will be the next chairman in their baran


gay for the coming election this October. It only shows that he has the characteristic of a good leader. He received many awards as an excellent police but unfortunately there was a case that cause for is termination as a police and without receiving any benefits from the government.

The hostage taker wants to review his case by the ombudsman for the clearing of his name. I think this is the reason why he made a wrong decision to hostage people for the immediate response of his request. For the side of the policeman: When I watched the hostage drama, I noticed that there are a lot of mistakes done by the policemen who are surrounding the bus.

One of the police and snipers took a gunshot without assurance that no hostage victims will be hurt and causing the ostage taker to ge

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They didn't use a device like periscope that will view the interior of the bus without seeing them by the hostage taker. Other police that was trying to break glass window using big hammer but in disgrace, the police made it throw inside the bus because it's heavy. Another mistake done by the policeman is that after they broke the glass of the door of the bus, they pull the door of the bus instead of pressing the button inside the bus could open the door. For the side of media:

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