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Learn how to setup and manage Senses (a service monitoring tool used to oversee overall service and hardware health) 2) Gain an Intermediate experience with using Linux commands. 3) Get familiarity with fertilization and how design a brutalized environment for a specific purpose Senses is quite its own monster in my opinion. It is similar to active directory in the sense where every piece of information is linked as a template to a class and thus functioning in a manner representative of object orientated programming.

What steps did I take to tackle this monster? I enlisted the help of our service engineer Bryan Irvine who owns the service and Is the subject matter expert to the entire company. Bryan showed me how to use Senses and how to actually go into Snoozed and implement changes and sample templates before pushing them to prod. I wrote some very basic python scripts and was able to create templates for a new API service used to run the Nintendo e-Shop environment that rolled out in March. From the time I started at Nintendo, I have read through the Senses user’s manual and watched a short merman on It through Youth.

I used this tool everyday Inside the Network Operations Center and feel pretty comfortable with It from a user’s perspective. From what I learned, I did not have to learn how to manage or setup Senses in order to perform my duties as a system administrator. That particular responsibility is that of our systems engineer. So to conclude, I did not complete my overall objective but at the same time, my objective was way too big. I learned that I should be more aware of what Is expected of me before loading myself up with super high expectations.

In arms of learning Linux commands, I learned the basics In the first 60 days of my Internship. I did look over the Linux in a nutshell book at my desk and discovered how rarely I needed to use any commands outside of the most basic ones such as Is, UDF, who, Greg, AS, l, and SSH. Because most of the server health checks are scripted and automated into Senses, sometimes it was Just a matter of point and click. Usually it was when I needed to investigate further Into an issue or if I wanted to verify manually what Senses was reporting that old SSH into a server using putty. Ex and utilize Linux commands. I felt that I completed my overall objective of becoming familiar with using Linux commands but again, I believe my goal was set a bit high. One good thing that came out of my experience is that Linux commands are not that hard to learn and they show an Immediate result / return for what is typed unlike scripting and programming. Fertilization was a topic which I thought would become a main focus for me. I become more familiarized with fertilization by running my own virtual machine through Oracle Virtual Box.

It was a good learning experience when I had to figure out how to configure the proxy through the VIM to access data on the internet as all traffic through my workstation passed through our corporate proxy server. I utilized vespers to troubleshoot and investigate degraded service conditions. Much of the time all it took was a reboot of the VIM to bring a service back up, otherwise it was a systems engineer’s role to configure and maintain in vespers and feel very comfortable navigating around it.

Again, I believe I set my objective a bit high and broad in this circumstance and feel satisfied with what I have accomplished over all despite it not being what I originally planned. My 6 month internship at Nintendo has taught me a lot. As an individual I realized how difficult it was for me to find my voice amongst the team. As an employee I could not help but always feel that I could do a better Job in supporting my team mates. I learned that everyone on my team was not as closed off as I thought they were.

When I initiated conversations with them and opened myself up, they reciprocated and I felt very safe and happy working with them. Looking back I wish I had taken more risks in getting to know them and share with them who I was and where I came from. I believe my supervisor would say that I am an assertive employee that is quick to read between the lines. I really liked how he offered to serve as a personal reference in my future job hunt. I believe my other coworkers really value me and are always happy to see me and ask about whatever I was up to.

They make me feel really at home and as a functioning team member, they always tend to compliment on my intelligence and I find it quite flattering. Professional workplace skills I need to improve including being more open to people. I wish I could smile a lot more and communicate how happy and grateful I am to be working with them. Asking more questions and not being afraid to speak up is one thing I will definitely make a priority for wherever my ext Job might be. Building a relationship with the people around me is one area I want to tackle on head first.

My internship experience through Year Up and at Nintendo of America is measurable in terms of what it has done for me. I feel like a whole new person equipped with experience and knowledge in the areas I used to lack in. Communication and drive was my main concern before starting Year Up and today it is an ongoing challenge to supersede new goals that I set for myself every day. I learned that I tend to over analyze and over compensate for technical knowledge when it may not be most practical.

Clearly my objectives that were set in the beginning were extremely difficult where it may have been something that required superhuman potential to achieve. From my perspective looking back, if I had completed my objectives I would have the qualifications of someone who has worked in IT / Unix Engineering for around 3-4 years gathered in less than 6 months’ time. It was a good learning experience nevertheless; I plan to continue tackling my career and life with the same attitude but now with more emphasis on personal relationships and practicality.

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