Recruiting AGR Board

What regulation covers height and weight?
AR 600-9
What regulations determine basic eligibility?
AR 601-210 and AOC (Accessions Options Criteria)
What FM covers PT?
FM 7-22
What are the seven Army Values?
Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, Personal Courage
What regulations covers duties and responsibilities of the RRNCO?
NGR 601-1 Ch. 2 Para. 18
What are the 3 tenants of Recruiting and Retention?
Recruiting, Retention, and Attrition Management
What is the regulation that covers medical readiness?
AR 40-501
What regulation covers Army Leadership?
ADP 6-22
What regulation covers wear and appearance of the Army uniform?
AR 670-1
What form is used to request an examination?
What form is used for the prescreen?
DD 2807-2
What is USAREC 1241?
Tattoo Screening Form
What form is used for parental consent?
DD 1966
How many Tier levels are there for education?
Tier 1: HS students, grads, college
Tier 2: GED holders, Home Schooled
Tier 3: Less than GED
What does ASVAB stand for?
Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery
How many test categories are there?
What are the test categories?
CAT 1: 93-99
CAT 2: 65-92
CAT 3A: 50-64
CAT 3B: 31-49
CAT 4A: 16-30
CAT 4B: 10-15
CAT 5: 0-9
What does AIMS stand for?
Assessment of Individual Motivation System
What does TAPAS stand for?
Tailored Adaptive Personality Assessment System
What does DLAB stand for?
Defense Language Aptitude Battery
What is the GSA Usage policy?
For government use only!
What is the Alcohol/Drug policy?
0 Tolerence. Don’t Do It!
What is the “No One Left Alone Policy”?
You are to never be alone with someone of the opposite sex.
What form is used for the police check?
DD 369
What is our target age range for NPS?
What does APPLE-MDT stand for?
Age, Physical Condition, Prior Service, Law Violations, Education, Marital Status, Dependents, Testing
What is the first General Order?
I will guard everything within the limits of my post and quit post only when properly relieved.

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