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The film “Real Womans Have Curves. ” by Patricia Cardoso addresses the different facets of civilization. In the film. Ana Garcia is caught in between two really different civilizations. With the two civilizations at different terminals of the spectrum. and the interior convulsion that goes along with it ; Ana must calculate out how to voyage both civilizations without losing the bonds that she has with her household. The movie begins by pulling the line between the two different civilizations. With Ana acquiring ready for her last twenty-four hours of school. she was reminded by her ailing female parent that adult females should fix breakfast for the work forces.

Ana ignores her mother’s wants. and goes about her forenoon. Even though Ana lives in an “old school” family. it was evident to me that she has largely adopted the mainstream civilization that she’s exposed to outside her place. The manager did a fantastic occupation in demoing ethnocentrism in both civilizations. Ana is exposed to both her family’s traditional Latino civilization. every bit good as the civilization she’s familiar with exterior of place ; yet she shows her ethnocentrism towards her family’s “old school” ways. For illustration. she criticized the sweatshop conditions that her sister and female parent work in.

Ana’s female parent and Estella were raised in a civilization where labor and difficult labour was the norm. Ana was besides speedy to justice of her mother’s beliefs in beauty. matrimony. and sex. Senora Garcia is besides a great illustration of ethnocentrism. Unlike Ana. Senora Garcia was raised in one civilization her whole life. and is house on her beliefs. She imposes on the thoughts to Ana that a woman’s function is to be submissive. conservative. and take attention of homely personal businesss. She besides made it clear to Ana that her function as a female parent gives her the right to make up one’s mind which adult male is right for her girl for a possible suer.

Their differences in civilization and the changeless statements that take between them shows their ethnocentricity towards each other. Senora Garcia’s cultural norm was challenged when the adult females in the mill decided it was acceptable to be comfy with their curvey figure. The adult females depicted in the scene besides came from the same cultural background as Senora Garcia. but wanted to interrupt out of the cast. These adult females decided to emancipate themselves by depriving down to their underwear and be proud of their curvey figure in which Senora Garcia criticized Ana throughout the film.

Although. after Ana and the remainder of the mill workers “liberated” themselves. Senora Garcia ceased to do any farther remarks about Ana’s figure. With the Garcia adult females steadfastly planted in their beliefs. the Garcia work forces on the other manus demo a high grade of cultural pluralism. It was something that I did non anticipate in the movie. sing that they live in a more traditional civilization. In a manner. I exhibited my ethnocentricity to believe that the Garcia work forces would be more house in their beliefs because the manner Senora Garcia described that adult females should be submissive to the work forces.

Both the Garcia work forces are accepting to Ana’s Americanized civilization. They are considerate of what is of import to Ana which is rooted upon the mainstream civilization we are familiar with. The one scene that stood out to me which demonstrated cultural pluralism is when Abuelo conspired with Ana so that she may travel out on a day of the month with Jimmy. One would believe that person like Abuelo. who came from a topographic point where the courtship rites were more conservative ; would be more steadfast towards Ana. His visual aspects in the movie were short. but he maintained that sense of openness towards Ana’s civilization.

Ana may hold adopted most of the mainstream civilization. but I felt that she kept some of the more traditional norms that her parents believe in. One norm in peculiar is the female gender function of the Latin folk civilization is called the marianismo. It is the fear for feminine virtuousnesss like pureness and moral strength. Although she didn’t to the full fit that cast. she did exhibit some features of that function. A good illustration of this is the scene in the film where Estella is fighting to maintain her vesture mill unfastened. Ana turned to her male parent for aid.

She hated working at Estella’s mill. but she felt that it was her moral duty to assist her sister to maintain her concern afloat. At the terminal of the movie. Ana decides to go forth her place so that she could go to Columbia University which is on the other side of the state. She has an thought where she should busy in society. and in my sentiment she made the right pick. She has adopted the civilization where the norm is to venture out and happen one’s topographic point in society.

She besides made her determination without interrupting the bonds of her household by talking out that the household will non interrupt apart. and asked for her parents blessing. Unfortunately for Ana. Senora Garcia ne’er gave Ana her approval due to her rigorous attachment to her civilization. Real Womans Have Curves is an first-class movie that demonstrates the different facets of civilization. It challenges premises of ethnocentrism. every bit good as cultural pluralism. Ana is depicted as person who is caught in between two colliding civilizations and must do a pick for herself where she belongs in society.

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